As the saying goes, \”Winter eats radish summer to eat ginger, don’t look for the doctor.\” In China’s food culture and Chinese medicine knowledge, ginger has an important role. Summer should be eating ginger, but in fact, winter is also suitable for ginger. Ginger, dried ginger, gun ginger, different, our common ginger, ginger, dried ginger, gun. Ginger, hurting the lungs and spleen and stomach. In fact, ginger, dried ginger, gun ginger is an item, which can be cold in warm, suitable for spleen and stomach. However, due to the different methods of the gun, its performance is different. The ginger is long, and it is \”the History of History\”; the dry ginger is hot, the kindness is biased in the cold; the ginger is good to take blood, longer than hemostasis. The ancients have a simple summary of these gingers as \”ginger, do not keep, dry ginger can go, cannon ginger and don’t go\”. But in daily health, we use the most ginger. There are a lot of benefits to eating ginger. The body is cold, usually cold, hands and feet, easy to diarrhea after eating cold food, eat ginger energy, cold, cold and evil, avoid indigestion. Ginger can vomit, there are people who have dinker, dizzy, with a few ginger, or drink some ginger water to improve symptoms. When eating is fragrant or decreased, eat some ginger, can improve appetite, increase the amount of food. If you have a cold cold, drink a bowl of hot ginger soup, porridge, etc., the symptoms will improve. If there is fish, shrimp, poultry poisoning, or causing cassava, wild mushrooms or semi-summer, born Nanxing and other drugs, can be detoxified with ginger. In the winter, the ginger method is a list of health checklists. Please pay the health plan according to the needs of different people. Ginger red tea Chinese medicine and tea are not the same, ginger red tea has the role of conditioning the stomach. Ginger red tea practice: 1 to 3 grams of black tea, 3 pieces of fresh ginger, brew in the tea cup, furnish with boiling water, add 3 to 5 minutes, drink 1 to 2 times a day; can also use fresh ginger 15 grams, squeeze After the juice, it was transferred into the black tea. Jiang Jiz Tea ginger has a warm and dispelling, sweating, using a girl jujube bubble water, with a cold, reconciliation, and the role of the campaign, which is very significant. Ginger juice hit the milk for the crowd with gastric ulcer, ginger juice hit the milk to protect the stomach. Two to three spoons of ginger juice, poured into half a catty boiled milk, drink the temperature, drink in the morning. Milk and ginger juice can form a layer of protective film on the ulcers of the gastric mucosa to prevent gastric acid erosion. The ginger porridge is also worth recommending for the spleen deficiency, the ginger porridge is also worth recommending. Practice: 50 grams of rice, after washing, add water, add 10 grams of ginger, cook until rice cooked, eat hot food . The vinegar ginger ginger has a unique spicy flavor, which can stimulate the taste buds, spleen appetite, and vinegar has the effect of appetizing and blood, and use vinegar ginger to adjust the spleen and stomach, promote digestion. Ginger is divergent, vinegar is convergent, and after ginger is added to the vinegar, the role of the two will increase each other, both lift the yang, and have liver gas. The vinegar bulk ginger has the effect of ease of liver stomach, suitable for people who have a spleen and stomach deficiency and indigestion. Practice: First step, first put fresh ginger into thin slices; second step, put the cut ginger in a clean empty bottle, pour the rice vinegar (rice vinegar must have ginger), add a small amount of sugar and salt After tightening the bottle cover, put it in the refrigerator of the refrigerator, and you can eat it after 3 days. Taken every morning2 to 4 pieces of ginger can be made of millet porridge. The ginger canola can be Wenyang. People who are insufficient, they are generally cold, and they are easily afraid of cold, often diarrhea, indigestion, and psychosis. At this time, you can use a ginger sliced, boiled after boiling, add water. Note that the temperature must be appropriate, and the water temperature should be from 40 ° C to 45 ° C, and the foot is not more than half an hour. If you eat ginger, you will have a lot of precautions when you have a good time, but there are many precautions. Ginger’s health is wide, but it is not suitable for people who are different in every region. We need to polish your eyes and divide the specific situation. Rotten ginger will produce a very toxic substance – Hua Chaosa, which can cause hepatocyte degeneration, necrosis, and even induce liver cancer, esophageal cancer. Before ginger, you must carefully observe it. Eating ginger is not much better. The incidents of surviving ginger have occurred repeatedly. From the perspective of TCM, since the parties take ginger in a short period of time, the body suddenly suffers from the evil harm, heat the fire, deduct the fluid, disturb blood, forced blood, and pay attention to the nose . Modern research puts forward that ginger should not be too much, so as not to absorb a large number of ginger spices, it will stimulate the kidneys during the renal exctroduction, and produce the symptoms of the mouth, throat, constipation, etc. In addition, ginger is suitable for people who are cold, that is, often diarrhea, limbs are not warm, fear of cold and warm patients. Anyone who is blooming in a rich fire, often dry, dry, nasal dryness, dry skin, troubled, people who are not angry, sleep bad, should not eat more ginger. Or the internal heat is heavy, there is gastric heat and vomiting, hemorrhoid hemorrhage, swollen sores, etc., not sugar ginger. Eating ginger is still looking at the time. In the morning, the gas in the human stomach is to be remembered, and some ginger can spleen tempered stomach. In the evening, the human body should be yang convergence, yin, so you should eat more heat, gas for the food. Modern studies also show that gingerol stimulates gastrointestinal motility, which can enhance the spleen and stomach in the day, and the night will affect sleep, hurt the intestines. The ginger red jujube is only suitable for cold cold or gastric cold patients, and the wind is not suitable for ginger. When the cold, cold or rain, there is a chill, when fever, fever, edible ginger helps the cold and exhausted, but warm the stomach. The wind is cold and cold, so it is not suitable for the use of ginger. In addition, taking fresh ginger juice can deal with vomiting caused by cold, other types of vomiting should not be used.