My country has \”winter eating radish summer to eat ginger, do not need a doctor to open a party\”, these days of dinner, the family stewed the radish ribbon soup, after get off work, go home from the cold wind, drink a bowl. Be a pleasant. However, why do you always have a radish to eat radish? Is there anything radish? Is there a special benefit of eating radish in winter? Let’s talk about the winter to eat radish. Carrots and radishes, not a family of radish, have to mention carrots. These two will take a word, everyone will treat them as a family. But do you know? Carrots and radishes are not the same family, carrots are actually not \”radish\”. The rancurpe of radish is very long, and the Egyptian, Egypt, and China have recorded in China. There are about more than 2,000 radish varieties planted in our country, and there are common cherries, carrots, carrots, white radishes, and radish, etc., are members of the radish family. If you look at it carefully, they are all crucifets of vegetables. However, carrots are members of the umbrella carrot. These two divisions differ far in botanical classification. So, carrots are not radish. The radish is large, the dietary fiber is high, the calories are low, but there is a lot of eating the radish with other vegetables, such as the eating, cold, soup, making pickles, etc., every kind of practice is delicious, also There is a bunch of food to eat. Many people say that radish is good, the nutritional value is high, is it true? According to the US Department of Agriculture, the data of the three major nutrients is: 0.68 grams of protein, 0.68 grams of protein, 0.6 grams of fat content; vitamin C14.8 mg . From the analysis of nutritional data, the nutrient characteristics of radisters are mainly: 1. High water content, low heat: radish water content is more than 90%, about 20 kilograms per 100 g of the content. Winter weather is dry, eat more foods with high moisture, is still good for the moisture required to supplement the body. 2. High dietary fiber content: radish containing a large number of dietary fibers, can increase satiety, plus carrots contain mustard oil, can promote bowel movement, which helps to be used. 3. The vitamin content is also rich, and there is also a variety of trace elements: such as the vitamin C content of radishes belongs to moderate levels, and more radish is also beneficial to obtain vitamin C. However, from the analysis of nutrients, these nutrients in the radish are not highlighted in vegetables. For example, the vitamin C content per 100 grams of green pepper is over 60 mg, and the dietary fibers per 100 grams of peas are also rich than radish. In general, radishes can be used as a variety of vegetables for humans, but it is not particularly too much. Winter eat radish competition too small ginseng? In fact, because there are many people in winter, there are many healthy people on radish, such as someone say radish is \”small ginseng\”, \”Winter eat radish summer to eat ginger, noThe doctor prescribed the drug \”\” The radish is listed, the doctor is nothing \”. Is the radish really have such a magical role? Eat radish in winter, these statements are prevalent, I think an important reason is – less vegetables in the past As a very cold vegetable, radish is one of the few kinds of vegetables that people can eat in winter. In ancient times, the long winter can eat fresh radish, for people to supplement nutrition, especially vitamin C or It is very helpful. So, at that time, people will feel good in winter. However, in modern times, with the development of food technology, especially the progress of cold chains, fruits and vegetables storage and fruit and vegetable planting technology, we can all year round Eat a variety of vegetables, the role of radish is not so magical. In fact, although the radish has its own nutritional advantages, it does not have a special ingredient, the nutrient ingredients contained in the radish are a lot. There are fruits and vegetables, it is also very common, eat other fruits and vegetables can be obtained. Moreover, if you are sick, several nutrients that are simply rely on radishes can not achieve therapeutic effect. True treatment of diseases still need to diagnose And symptomatic, effective treatment of the cause, so that the condition can not be delayed, ensure the health of the body. There is anti-cancer factor in the radish. In the human body, it has not fully confirmed that scientists also discovered some possible health components from radishes. For example, recently In a few years, many media reports will mention an anti-cancer factor-radish, mustard, etc. Studies have found that these substances have \”antioxidant\” \”anti-cancer\” effect, but most are in cells and animals In the experiment, there is no sufficient evidence in the human body, and it is considered to be effective for the human body. In general, from the current research evidence, although the radish is delicious, it is true There is no special health care, everyone is still too superstitious, is sick, still to see the doctor in time. Of course, if I like to eat radish, I still support. After all, nutrition health is the dietary and balanced nutrition. As A vegetable, radish can also enhance our recipes, which is still good for increasing food diversification, balanced diet is still good.