At the end of the year, the rumors of \”Auntie\” have still not stopped. This month’s hot events frequently, all kinds of rumors have followed \”: Eating strawberry will have a bloody heat; Henan is more shocked \”white light\”, is UFO (unknown flying object) visit the earth; Otkki variant strain Carry a cold virus gene; the more mask the melt spray layer, the better the protection effect … Recently, the cold wave will take a wave, these \”hot\” rumors who take them in December have also been cold. Will you eat grass? The truth: The main spread path of the disease is in the winter of the mouse this year. Beginning in October each year, Guanzhong, Shaanxi enters the hot season, which is also a high-risk area in the country. At recent, the news that \”grazebberry will have a bloody fever\” spread throughout the circle, and it is very troublesome. So, is strawberries that are innocent \”lying guns\” or culprit? \”Eat strawberry and suffering from blood, there is no direct relationship between the two.\” Wang Yizhen, chief physician, director of the TEDA Hospital, Tianjin, said in an interview with the Science and Technology Daily reporter that hemorrhage is hot, and it is called popular. Sexual bleeding is the natural epidemic disease caused by the Benia virus Khartan virus. my country is a high-risk area of \u200b\u200bhemorrhage, and rat animals are the main source of infection. Wang Yizhen explained that the blood, saliva, urine, and feces infected with the virus were contagious and contagious. \”When people are infected with Haman viruses, or they are infected with a virus-placed article, it is possible to infect Handan viruses, but this virus will not be in people. Spread. \”He said. \”In fact, it is not just strawberries. If any food is stained with a variety of mice with a virus, it may cause people to suffer from bleeding, this is not related to the food type.\” Wang Yizhen Say. Finally, Wang Yizhen reminded that hemorrhage is a disease that can prevent treatment. Haman viruses are sensitive to diethyl ether, chloroform and other sensitivity, non-heat, non-acid resistance, disinfectant such as ultraviolet, alcohol and iodine, so in life We will effectively prevent the blood of the blood. Henan has shocked \”white light\”, UFO visit planet? The truth: Taiwanese space rock broke into the earth atmosphere, and \”white light\” appeared in many nights in Henan Province, lit throughout the night sky. Although the entire process continued to last 5 seconds, there were still many people witnessed this wonder. As a result, \”Henan Multi-Galan ‘is a rumor of the Earth\” in Henan. \”I have seen the image recorded, I think this is a fireflow star incident.\” Tianjin Astronomical Vice Chairman, said in an interview with the Science Daily reporter, the fire flow star is a common astronomical phenomenon, that is, large The glowing phenomenon that occurs when the space rock broum in high-speed breaks into the earth atmospheric layer, which is characterized by a relatively strong light, sometimes accompanied by explosion. The rock broiler will burn when rubbing with the atmosphere, and the small pieces will burn it.The bulk gravel falls to the ground is meteorite. According to the NAS news, the \”white light\” has an explosion in China, which has an explosion over China, and the diameter is about 0.5 meters to 1 meter asteroid, from Henan Zhumadian. After entering the earth atmosphere over the earth, he fell from the southwest to the southwest, and an explosion occurred at 38.4 km in the southeast Mangua Town, Biyang, Henan Province. The flight speed of this asteroid into the Earth’s atmosphere reached 19.7 km / sec, which exceeded any of the global missiles and rockets. \”There are many small planets in Mars and Jupiters. For some reason, some asters will be separated from the original orbit, and they are attracted by the earth, and then hit the earth. The departments of the asteroids will generally send a warning before the asteroid hits the Earth. However, this uneven fireflow star event, NASA and other monitoring agencies have not predicted. O’K戎 carry a cold virus gene? Truth: Two viruses cannot be fused on December 8th, the World Health Organization Director Tan Dee said at a press conference held in Geneva, and the latest epidemic data from South Africa shows that the risk of infection of the new crown virus O’K戎rise. At the same time, he also said that there is evidence that the symptoms caused by O’Kek fell than another variant new crown virus Delta. Recently, O’Kron’s \”Different Army Procedure\” also triggered people’s speculation. Among them, the \”Okeki carrying a cold virus gene\” said that the circulation is spread. \”O’K戎 mutant is a new mutant strain of new crown viruses. It is similar to the previous Alpha, Delta, which is due to sudden dissemination after a large number of dissemination in the crown.\” College of Life Science, Hubei University Professor Chen Chiki introduced that O’K Treastery strains were first discovered in South Africa on November 9 this year, and the variability strain was widely concerned because of up to 32 mutant sites in the thorn protein. This may cause viral immunization and escape, which is more likely to infect human body. Chen Chunqi pointed out that the O’Cho mutant strain is mainly variating in the housing protein of the virus, and the case of the virus is a virus infected with human cells. \”Although the virus has changed, the genes carried by the virus are still the genetic substances of the new crown virus. And the ordinary flu virus is a positive mucus virus, although new crown viruses and influenza viruses are RNA viruses, but These two types of virals infect the human body mechanism, the process of viral replication, the genome structure is also different, so it will not be integrated together. \”She said. The more the number of mask melted spray layers, the better the protective effect? Truth: Select the mask, one layer can achieve the protection effect Delta Yu Wei, Okeki is coming again. In the face of new crown viruses that are increasingly propagated, many merchants have begun to sell \”thick masks\” \”multi-layer melting jet mask\”, known as multi-layer meltblowblower mask. Some people will wear multiple masks when they go out. I feel such protection.Fruits. Is it true? \”Select the correct melting jet mask, one layer can achieve a good protective effect. But if you choose an inappropriate mask, then multiple layers, it may have no protection effect.\” Tianjin University of Technology Textile College Professor Yin Xiaoxiao In an interview with Technological Daily reporters, the mask can protect the protective role, the most core is to rely on the melting cloth. During the new coronary epidemic, my country’s melting cloth technologies have been greatly improved, and the appropriate melting cloth can resist new crown viruses. The meltblown fabric is composed of ultrafine fibers with polypropylene. The diameter of the melting fiber with the medical protective mask is thinner, and can reach 1 to 4 microns, and the formed meltblown hole is also very slender, so that the new crown virus cannot be passed. \”Some masks, such as medical surgical masks, anti-fog hang masks, etc., even internally containing melting cloth, because of their production process, the protection of new crown viruses is limited; and simple cotton and gauze mask, no matter how many layers It will not increase the protection effect of new crown viruses. \”Qian Xiaoming reminded that when consumers buy or wear masks, they should not put the attention points on the mask thickness or the number of layers, but should pay attention to the protection category of the purchase mask. . In order to resist new crown viruses, the purchase of medical protective masks or N95 masks. Wearing a number of inappropriate masks, not only can prevent viruses, but may add sick themselves. The State Council responds to the \”public scientific wearing mask guidance\” issued by the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation, and it is clear that wearing a plurality of masks cannot effectively increase the protection effect, but will increase respiratory resistance and may destroy the adhesion of the mask. Qian Xiaoming finally reminded that if you want to improve the protective performance of the mask, it is also important to wear it in addition to the quality of the mask. The correct way to wear should be, the mask cover is in the mouth and the chin, the nose clip should be compact; if there is dirty, deformation, damage, odor, moisture, need to be replaced in time; on cross-regional public transport, or The masks used in hospitals and other environments do not reuse; do not do nothing inside and outside.