Apple has a healthy name, but it is a variety of sayings about what Apple should eat. Some say \”The morning Golden Apple, the night rotten Apple\”, and it is also said that \”the fruit can be eaten after the meal, fruit can only eat between two meals\”, different statements, let people feel confused. The so-called statement of fruits can not be eaten after the meal, mainly to consider the special circumstances of patients with gastrointestinal diseases. For healthy people with good digestive ability, fruit is good as a cold dish. It is good to eat after a meal, and there is no reliable evidence that hamits health. Experimental studies have found that the apples containing 15 grams of carbohydrates 30 minutes before breakfast, there is a benefit of reducing blood sugar after meals. Eating Apple before meals Decline the most obvious apple rice at the same time, the second for fairness, this experiment, the high and low blood sugar reaction, is operated by carbohydrates. The first group, directly eaten 50 grams of white rice with carbohydrates. The second group, eat 15 grams of apples that can utilize carbohydrates while eating rice. However, this rice is reduced, and 15 grams can be used to utilize carbohydrates, and the last total carbohydrate is still as much as 50 grams. The third group, first eat 15 grams of apples that can use carbohydrates, starting from eating Apple, and then eat rice after 30 minutes. This rice is also reduced, as many as the second group. The fourth group, first drink 15 grams of sugar water that can utilize carbohydrates, in which the types and content of sugar are the same as 143 g of apple, also 8.3 gushen and 6.7 grams of glucose. After 30 minutes, I eat rice, this rice is also reduced, and the second, three groups are as many. The results show that if the GI value is used in a meal, then eat rice is 82, rice apple is eating 64, first eat Apple’s eating method, it is reduced to 40! The effect of blood sugar after the meal meal is really a bit fierce. First drinking sugar water, you can also drop the GI value to 69, but drinking sugar and eating apples, the effect is still far away. Oranges, apples and pear three kinds of fruits are most obvious, the orange is the weight, there may be many people will ask: Do you eat less rice? Who can get it? If you eat an apple before me, there will be no less eaten, will there be such a hypoglycemia? Can you eat a pear? Can you eat oranges? These problems have also taken into account. So, continue to do the second batch of experiments. This time, the three most common fruits of apples, pears and oranges are used to do experiments. Moreover, the number of carbohydrates in the experiment is divided into two groups. A set of carbohydrates, like the previous study, after eating fruit, the rice is deducted, and the total intake of carbohydrate can be used is 50 grams. Another group is called high carbohydrate, with extra fruit, and there are many meals. That is, after this group, after eating 15 grams of cargo, eat 50 grams of carbon water, the total intake of carbohydrate is 65 grams. Among the carbohydrates, it is found that the effect of Apple is the best, and the previous experiment is different — Eat apples 30 minutes before meal, a blood glucose reaction after two hours after meal, 50%. The pear is slightly almost, only reduced by 25%; the orange effect is the weakest, only 8%. From the perspective of blood sugar fluctuations after meals, the decrease in apples is 50%. It is the most weak, and about 25% of the orange, it is not overlooked. So, how is the situation of high carbohydrate? Because more than 15 grams of carbohydrates were eaten, the difference in blood sugar was less than two hours after meal. The effect of eating apples and pears is similar, with only 17% and 20%, respectively, and the orange has only dropped only 10%. Moreover, even more fruits, the total carbon water is added to 65 grams, and the number of blood sugar fluctuations after the meal is still significantly reduced compared to 50 grams of pure rice meals. This result is very surprising. Explain that you eat fruit before meals and will not add high blood sugar, and put fruits come to eat, and even effectively reduce the fluctuation of blood sugar after meals. First, the food in the fruit is limited to the normal people who have normal gastrointestinal digestive function. 1. The study is done in healthy people, and can not confirm that the diabetic patients eat apples to get the same measuring blood sugar effect. 2. Eating fruits first, limited to people with normal gastrointestinal digestive function. Those who are particularly afraid of cold, people who are prone to diarrhea, people with intestinal easy-to-teach syndrome, eat an apple before meals. If you feel uncomfortable, don’t eat this. 3. When using this method, the time is precisely important. If you don’t sure the meal time, \”30 minutes before\” will not talk. For those who control blood sugar, it is necessary to ensure on-time, and the time will not be too late, and the quantity is too much less. I can’t let go because I have eaten apples, I will let myself go to someone else. 4. For diabetic patients, they cannot use food to replace drug treatment, but also pay attention to adjust the amount of drug according to the effects of food. After the meal, the blood sugar is reduced, and the amount of insulin and hypoglycemic drugs can be reduced, otherwise it is easy to cause hazardous hypoglycemia.