People’s Network Beijing December 21st (Reporter Qiaoyan) Winter Solo, Also known as the Winter Festival, Long to, Asian, etc. \”Winter Solstice is as big as the year\”, it is enough to see the attention of the ancients to the winter solstice. So what questions should you pay attention to in the winter solstice? Xu Chunying, chief physician, Department of ENT Hospital, China Hospital, China, said that we must follow the principle of \”winter hidden\”, do more \”savings\”, less \”overdraft\”, adapt to changes in climate, in order to prevent some spring diseases such as allergic rhinitis, The occurrence of allergic cough. Xu Chunying suggested that you should eat cold and cool food. Allergic rhinitis and pharyngitis are caused by lungs, spleen, kidney three dirty, and the outer feelings are caused. The cold and cold food is like a cow, cold water, cold dishes, etc. to be the most vulnerable lungs, and aggravate the symptoms of deficiency. \”Nasal, pharynx is most likely to be influenced by the external environment, pay attention to avoid the stimulation of cold air, in the cold winter and how to wear masks can effectively protect the throat.\” Xu Chunying said, with physiological saline, rinse every day The nasal cavity can improve the nose, pharyngeal environment, prevent bacterial virus infection, improve the local immune status. Xu Chunying introduced that the winter solstice can be appropriate \”feed\”. By replenishing the food of the human body, the food is reached, and the body’s immunity is improved, and the ability of the body is improved. For example, Kaiyang includes mutton, shrimp, walnuts, leeks, scorpion, etc. People who do not temperature, waist and knee. It is good for people who are good for pharyngeal, such as Yin Yin Food, such as white fungus, fungus, pear, longan meat, mulberry. Finally, Xu Chunying reminded that try not to stay up late, which helps Guardian people.