Science and Technology Daily Beijing January 27th (internship reporter Zhang Jiaxin) Health longevity is our eternal pursuit. According to the latest research published in \”Nature · Separate\” magazine, scientists at Ericsson Fort University discovered two of hemacrotein-apolipoprotein A (LPA) and vascular cell adhesion molecules that can affect people’s life and health. (VCAM1). According to the largest aging genetic studies, it is possible to develop drugs for these two proteins may be a new way to slow the aging process. Many complex factors determine our aging and death, these factors include genetics, lifestyle, environment, etc. This study reveals the role of protein plays in this process. Some of some of the proteins levels are high or lower because of genetics, and these protein levels will affect a person’s health. This time, the researchers combined with 6 results of large gene studies of human aging, each of which included hundreds of thousands of genetic information. Among the 857 proteins studied, the researchers have identified two proteins that have significant negatively affected various anti-aging measures. Compared with those who have not been affected by genetically, the people who have increased these protein levels are even more weak, and the health of self-assessment is poor, and the life can be relatively short. The first protein LPA produced in the liver and plays a role in coagulation. High levels of LPA increase the risk of atherosclerosis and may cause heart disease and stroke; the second protein VCAM1 mainly exists in the surface of endothelial cells, controlling the expansion and contraction of blood vessels, and play a role in coagulation and immune response. Researchers say that drugs for treating diseases by lowering LPA and VCAM1 levels may have additional benefits to improving physical fitness and prolonging life. A clinical trial is currently testing a method of reducing LPA, using a way to reduce heart disease risk. There is no clinical trial on VCAM1, but the study of mice shows that antibodies that reduce this protein level can improve the cognitive ability of the elderly mice. Dr. Paul Timus, chief researcher at Edinburgh University Human Genetics Research Center, said: \”Identify these two key proteins help prolong the longevity. Drugs that reduce these protein levels in our blood can make ordinary people and those natural LPA and VCAM1 levels Low people are as healthier and longevity. \”