Today, as people have accelerated the rhythm, the pressure is increasing, and the stomach disease has gradually become a troubles of people’s hearts. However, in actual life, people often ignore stomach diseases, and some even develop into a stomach cancer is still unknown. For stomach disease, people’s general psychology is \”who has not had a stomach disease, don’t be a big shock\” \”I have been in the past, and I have a rest and rest\” … It is this kind of unheatherable psychology, which makes people indulge in life and eating habits. Even if the \”iron stomach\” will not stand. The era of information explosion, can retrieve the information you want to know anytime, anywhere, but people still have a lot of misunderstandings for stomach disease, which makes the diagnosis and treatment, so that this should not be treated, deepen the damage of the stomach. To this end, I have shared the stomach misunderstanding of the clinical diagnosis and treatment in the past 30 years, I hope everyone can do the first responsible person of his stomach health. Stomach disease must take medicine? There are many reasons for stomach discomfort, but you can’t think of it, the stomach disease is actually a \”mental illness\”. When I recorded a scientific program, the host had a hardship and difficulty. She told me that whenever a live broadcast, I will definitely be highly nervous. At this time, the stomach will \”tighten\”. Even if you see the mountain, there is no appetite, you can’t eat it. It can be seen that the feelings of the stomach are closely related to each person’s emotional mood. As early as more than 1,000 years ago, the famous scholar Iben Sinona in Islamic Golden Times has conducted a medical experiment. He put two lambs in two different cages with the same food. Different, a lamb cage still smashed a wolf, and another sheep was placed in a safe and comfortable place. Soon, the lambed lambed lambs were inadequate, and their weight declined, and another sheep was very healthy. Shortly, Iben Sina was discovered to the \”Dance and Wolf Dance\”, and there was a diffuse ulcer on its gastric mucosa. It can be seen that emotional activities are closely related to the health of the gastrointestinal mucosa, and the lamb is not exception. Many times, some abdominal discomfort symptoms, such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, anti-acid, etc., is a manifestation of abnormal mental state in the gastrointestinal tract. Do you have this experience: because some of the trivia and other people are quarriage, or because of the opposite of the other side, they will fight back, or always taught children to do the questions, and they are gotting. In addition to anger, do you feel bloody, dizziness, tinnitus, chest jump? When people have anger, the body is equivalent to experiencing a small \”inflammatory storm\”, and the gastrointestinal tract has produced a series of changes, and the intrinsic manifestation is a gastrointestinal mucosa, the digestive peristalsis is slow; external The symptoms of antic acid, gas, bloating, abdominal pain, etc. In addition, common emotions are anxiety, anxiety is essentially an uneasy emotional state. When you worry about work, you can do it on time, worry about your future, worry about your child’s class industry, always feel that your heart is not in real time, is anxiety and emotion. The mental stress brought about anxiety will also bring huge pressure on the gastrointestinal tract of the human body, and even \”press\” gastric cancer! The outpatient has been a very special patient. He is the original head of a workmanship, subject to the higher-level assignment.Libya aircraft runway. At that time, there were still two months to the local rainy season, and the work period is not equal. He research drawings during the day, often because of the busy attention, he can’t eat it; he will follow the day, sometimes it works all night to work. Under his high strength operation, the work is completed on schedule, but in this process, he began to have a stomach pain, and it is getting more and more heavy, and even the cloth strip has lived his waist. When I returned to the domestic examination, it was already a mid-term gastric cancer. It can be seen that how big is the impact of emotions. Therefore, many times the stomach discomfort is not necessary to take medicine, but it is necessary to adjust his emotional mentality, adjust the habit of life, and the relevant issues will be solved. Does gastric cancer have nothing to do with young people? Many people believe that gastric cancer is just an old disease, it doesn’t matter to young people. But reality is that in recent years, the survey has been found that gastric cancer has become more and more young. Every outpatient patient has three or forty years old, even teenagers. Analysis of population of 39,000 in 1977-2006 was found that 25-39 Youth patients had a significant increase in gastric cancer (the ratio of 10,000 people rose from 0.27 to 0.45). In certain stomach cancer subtypes, such as elevated trends in printed cytometry, more concentrated in young women. The United States Seer Database shows that young women under 45 are higher, and typically tumor is late. South Korea has shown a higher incidence of female printed cytoma and worse prognosis. \”The height of gastric cancer\” is not only a more novel research direction in medicine in recent years, but also a hot topic that people pay more and more attention. Although the public’s concern is getting stronger about their own health, some young people still think that \”gastric cancer\” cannot happen to themselves. In fact, gastric cancer is a disease associated with life and eating habits. The contemporary young people basically have an irregular habit of diet, overeating, etc., which are risk factors that cause gastric cancer. Preventing gastric cancer, young people should pay special attention to the following: First, hereditary factors. If there is a level of relatives (parents and brothers sisters) suffering from gastric cancer, they have had the probability of gastric cancer will exceed ordinary people, such as Napoleon families, his grandfather, father, and three sisters died due to gastric cancer, the whole family includes himself There are 7 people with gastric cancer. In any age, this part of the population should be vigilant against abdominal symptoms. If necessary, consult a specialist can develop a proper regular medical examination plan when there is no symptom. The second is Helicobacter pylori infection. More data indicates that the decline in gastric cancer is closely related to Helicobacterigen. Therefore, good eating habits, such as adherence to the parcel system, should continue to remain. Beijing Civilization Behavior Promotes Regulations Add a new break-up system, and the content of the organizers, is to reduce the infection and spread of Helicobacter pylori. If a family discovers Helicobacter pylori infection, other members of the family should strictly set up. Infected people should take strict accordance with the medical advice and review, and avoid recurrence after the treatment of drug resistance or root cure. Total a full sound is full, full, professionalIt is called \”STR\” is a common phenomenon in life, and is also one of the common symptoms commonly used in various digestive tract diseases. But there is still some different, although it is all from the body, but the sound of snoring is loud, and the sound is clear, it will generally be several consecutive, not controlled. The sound of the sound is not obvious. It feels like there is a lot of breath, from the throat, there will be no obvious sound, often accompanied by sour condition. It is different from these two symptoms. The sound is the sound of the gas in the stomach, the sound emitted by throat, and the elder is slow, and the ancient times is called  The Roman standards will be divided into: ampity and non-specific excessive gas. Occasionally, the gas is normal, but frequent, it may be the performance of the stomach, and many people who are absent are often ignorant. The gas is caused by gastrointestinal disorders, commonly in intake of gas-producing food or derived from the peptidity (unconsciously swallowing air).is a counterfeit manner that has a human body to mitigate most nausea, gastric burning, indigestion and gastric flavor, and its core problem is insufficient stomach. Common causes that lead to insufficient stomach motivation include gastroesophageal reflux, digestive ulcer or Helicobacter pylori infection. Therefore, in the face of long-term continuous, full-time, it should be attached, it may be a problem in the gastrointestinal tract. First, you should clear the cause. If there is a gastrointestinal disease, the system is required to standardize treatment, the key to treatment is the use of pedicure rules. If there is no gastrointestinal disease, then mainly to improve the symptoms of For example, some people eat or drink things, I always like to drink very hot. Eating, eat hot, esophageal, if you often eat too hot too hot things, it will easily have problems, thus appearing. There is a problem that causes problems, often accompanied by reflux. There is a problem in intestinal trunks, or it may cause qi. Due to diet and living habits, people with intestinal function have a slow, constipation such as intestinal motility, constipation, etc. The internal flora is disordered, and it is easy to generate a gas in vivo, frequently occurring. Therefore, in daily life, pay attention to diet, eat less cold food, eat less spicy food, eat less greasy food, eat less hot food, eat less food, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, Taro, etc. Diet should be light, eat more vegetables and fruits, eat more coarse grains, when you eat, the speed is going slowly, you must chew the food first, and then try it again. Three meals a day should be regular, the diet is conditioned, the digestive system will be good, and the situation of qi will improve. Walking after eating, it is also a good way to relieve the gas, so that food can be more digested, and the stomach will become stronger. The bad breath is just because the oral cleaning is not sufficient. In daily life, we have encountered the situation of excessive odor, which is what we often say. Sometimes, bad breath will naturally disappear a few days, but it will last for a long time, and even affect everyday interpersonal relationship, leading to \”there is a mouthful\”. For reasons, many people will say that they are angry. So what is the reason for bad breath? We will first think that it may be unclean mouth. Indeed, there is a part of the mouthThe cavity is related. For example, in the oral decay or a cavity, causing food residue to hide, the bacteria have caused bad breath after breeding; periodontal disease, plaque, and toothline will also produce bad breath; smoking drinking will also produce oral odor. For these cases, we can solve it by fixed-time cleaning. But sometimes we have found some patients with bad breath, even if you don’t speak, the gases call out from the nose can still smell, why is this? Some \”bad breath\” is not from the oral cavity, and it is also accompanied by bitter taste. This is caused by esophageal and gastrointestinal diseases. Such as a tapered muscle shrinkage function, esophageal sputum hernia is caused gastric acid, food returns into the mouth, these digestible foods and gastric acids will have odor, and may also accompany their feelings, chest pain, and even affect normal rest. But some unexpected bad breath is needed to attract us, that is, Helicobacter pylori infection. Helicobacter pylori is parasitic in the stomach, hydrolyzing urea by urea enzyme, producing ammonia. We know that ammonia is a malodous gas, but not only that, Helicobacter can also cause chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, and even lead to gastric cancer, which has been identified as a kind of carcinogens from the World Health and my country Food and Drug Administration. . On a global scale, many people are infected with Helicobacter pylori, which is higher in developing countries, and my country’s average infection rate is about 50%. After Helicobacter pylori infection, it will cause symptoms such as abdominal discomfort, pain and nausea, and the probability of gastric cancer can be increased by 5.9 times in the decade of infection. Therefore, it is recommended to check whether there is Helicobacter pylori infection. At the same time, the results of the new England magazine published in 2020 showed that in the Helicobacter pylori infection in the family history of the first-level relatives, the role of Helicobacter pylori can reduce the risk of stomach cancer. Some people will ask, I have found chronic gastritis or chronic gastric ulcers, is it useful to treat Helicobacter pylori? The answer is affirmative, the treatment of Helicobacter pylori infection can reduce the risk of gastric cancer by 50%. If the medical examination finds yourself with Helicobacter pylori, it is necessary to conduct regular root treatment in the hospital. How to prevent it without infected people? The propagation pathway of Helicobacterium includes mouth-mouth propagation, feces – port dissemination or unsanitary eating habits. It is popular, that is, avoid eating unclean water and food, avoiding the long-term close contact with the infection for a long time to use common tableware. Everyone will have everyday dinner activities, the best way is to use gathering. I hope everyone can keep this habit firmly and truly implement it. At the end of the root, when you have a bad breath, you must check the reason. If it is not a mouth problem, remember to check the gastrointestinal tract, kill the disease in the cradle. Is the gastritis be a benign? If you have a bloody tide today, I suddenly want to be a gastroscopy. After a few days, you have a lot of probability to see a few words \”chronic gastritis\” on your own gastroscopy. Many friends first react is that my stomach actually has inflammation? Is inflammation not be benign? Is it good to eat some medicine? At this time, if you want to consult a professional doctor, he will definitely let you read your own gastroscope carefully.The report is chronic shallow gastritis or chronic atrophic gastritis, or with \”intestinal\” \”intestinal epithelial\”, even \”epithelial endoma\”. These different words, although there are two characters of gastritis, but there are thousands of different. The stomach mucosa is better than a forest, and Helicobacter is the most common pest. A gastric mucosa, which can be seen under a microscope, and the gland is reduced, resulting in chronic gastritis. The gastritis caused by Helicobacter pylori is prone to the gastric sinus, and this bacteria can even increase the risk of gastric cancer. Twelve refractive flows like floods, long-term reflow can lead to chronic inflammation of gastric mucosa, reducing gastric acid secretion, may also cause serious anemia, which is why many people with anemia have anemia in the stomach disease. Due to various reasons, the forest of the gastric mucosa suffers from destruction, and the forest police lymphocytes will be dispatched, and inflammation is produced. If lymphocytes, the slurry cell infiltration range is limited to 1/3 of the gastric mucosa, which is a shallow gastritis, and the vast majority of friends’ gastric mucosa is in this case. If the causes of sick factors continue to function, the gland is continuously destroyed, the quantity is small, the inherent layer fibrosis, the mucosa thin, that is, atrophy, this time, it progresses to atrophic gastritis, this situation is severely damaged under vegetation, cancer changes Risk increase. Long-term chronic inflammation, also leads to the surface epithelium of the gastric mucosa, such as the common \”intestinal epithelial\” characterized by the gastroscope, which is the original gland of the gastric mucosa, which is characterized by cup-shaped cells. The ratio is that due to changes in the environment, the original vegetation disappears, and is replaced by another plant, there is a risk of gastric cancer. Involtage hyperplasia is the abundance of the epithelial cells under the influence of the disease, and the regenerative repair process is overhaulged, and the variation of the vegetation here, which can be observed under the microscope, which can be observed under the microscope, and there is a mitosis, and the gland structural disorders. etc. The atrophy of gastric mucosa, the absence of life, and dissemical hyperplasia are pre-cancerous lesions of gastric cancer, need to be vigilant. Therefore, when the body is recorded, chronic atrophic gastritis is carried out, or when there is intestinalization, it must pay attention to, regular monitoring, early detection of cancer changes, and intervene.