Some foods have more lossless life, while some foods often eat well, and good life is prolonging. For example, a study recently found that 100 grams of fruit will be delayed for 10 minutes. Take a look at the list of food in this increase and the life, it is time to adjust the recipe. The researchers have analyzed 5,853 foods, which measure the effects of these foods on healthy life. Studies have shown that in various foods, fruits, cereals, non-starch vegetables, nuts, beans, seafood can increase their birthday, and hot dogs, burgers, breakfast sandwiches and sugar beverages have dropped. The researchers develop a healthy nutrition index (HENI) based on the global disease burden research and food nutrition, to calculate a net benefit or harm of food in minutes to healthy life. For example, each gram of machining meat is 0.45 minutes, while the fruit is 0.1 minutes per gram, and then calculate the life of life according to the comprehensive calculation of the food component. A standard beef hot dog, 61 grams of machining meat deactive 27 minutes, plus the sodium and trans fatty acids, and finally reducing life for 36 minutes. A 85 gram of chicken wings, considering various ingredients to reduce life for 3.3 minutes. A vegetable pizza, apple pie added to increase life of 1.4 minutes and 1.3 minutes, but if the sodium and trans fatty acids joined, it is almost almost. Salmon, peanuts, beans, per serving for 10 to 15 minutes. Researchers said that this study focuses on helping people to better choose healthy food, and adjust the eating habits properly, rather than adding reduced calculation life. For example, a decrease of 10% of the beef, machining meat, and a quite amount of fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, etc. can be extended for 48 minutes. Of course, you can live to 100 years old, not what is simple to calculate. Some scholars believe that these calculations may not be completely reliable. But in any case, this intuitive \”rude simple\” seems to help people better choose healthy food.