Just after reading the opening ceremony of Beijing Winter Olympics, the second throttle of spring is coming. The ancient books said: \”Dongfeng is thawed, the ice is dissipated and the water is water, it is rain, so the famous rain.\” It can be seen that the meaning of \”rain\” is the weather is warming, and the snow is changed to rain. Twenty-four hollow reflection of the water reflection phenomenon, such as valley, small snow, heavy snow, but they are not as good as the rainy poetry. This year, the bourgeoisie time of rain is on February 19, Beijing time 0:42 50 seconds. Why is it necessary to get to seconds? It turns out that astronomical stipulates that the sun walks on the sky to 330 ° in the sky, it is the moment of traffic and water. According to the principle of calendar, the hollow holidays will have some changes every year, but generally will not exceed one or two days. For example, rain is generally on February to 20th each year. When the rain is sealed, the direct spot of the sun gradually comes from the South Hemisphere to the equator, and the daylight received by the northern hemisphere is increasing every day, so the temperature gradually recovers. Warm and humid air from the ocean began to actively advance, meets the cold air of the north, and rain is formed in the Mainland. At this time, the rainfall is mostly small rain or fur rain, just as the poet Han Yu in the Tang Dynasty \”Heavenly Street is like a crisp, the grass is close to the past.\”农 谚 云: \”The rain has a good crop well, the spring Xiaochun is a treasure.\” \”Great Spring\” refers to the spring-demand crop, \”Xiao Spring\” is sowing in the fall of the previous year, and the crop harvest this spring. Whether it is \”big spring\” seed germination, or \”Xiao Chun\” returning to Qingling Festival, it is necessary to rain, so the rain is rumored, regardless of summer crops or autumn crops, all are beneficial. The holiday time is a time point, but the soil is often seen as a period of time. For example, from the rain, it is about 15 days of the next throttle. A throttle is about 15 days. The ancients divided a throttle into three waiting, a 5-day, 24 throne, a total of 72, and a specific quality phenomenon is used. Rainwater is a \”one waiting to sacrifice the fish, two Hongyan came, Susuntong sprout\”, means that one into rain, otter began to fish, catch too much, put it on the shore, 5 days later, The geese began to fly back to the north. After 5 days, the grass took a tender bud with the earth’s yang. Winter is coming, the weather is warm, all kinds of floral times are open, which is also a reliable quotes. The ancients took the 8 festival of Xiaoyan to Valley, every time I used a flower as a representative, called 24 flower letter. The flower letter in the \”Jing Chuyi\” in the South Dynasty \”recorded the flower letter: a season, two apricots, three waiting. Due to the vast Chinese people, the climate in the north and the north and the north and north is very different. In the rain, the average temperature in most parts of the south rose to more than 10 ° C, and Jiangnan is already a late spring scene. South China is more spring. But the northwest, the northeast is more cold, North China is a cold and warm body, and it is cold and hot, and there is spring rain. The modern poet Zuohe Water \”rain\” poetry \”South wet north cold two confrontation, warm and cold\”, it is showing this scene of North China. The folk customs of the rain is also very interesting. Some placesRecognizing the customs of the dried a driver in the rain.In the past, it was very difficult to raise your child health, and parents want to find a good deaf or dried mother to find a fate, and protect your child safe and healthy.And the rainy water is selected, and there is a meaning of \”rain to moisturize and grow\”.Some areas are in the day of rain, and the daughter who marry is going back to the mother. The son-in-law will give the father-in-law.Gift is usually a two-foot red belt, called \”Shou\”, meant to hope that the father-in-law is longevity.The daughter sends a can of red meat you do.If it is a new marriage woman to send a holiday, the father-in-law is still going back to the umbrella, and there is a feast of the woman, and I wish the women’s life smoothly.