Recently, some people have greatly advocated vegetarianism and triggering netizens. Is it good? Can it meet the necessary nutrition? Is it healthier? How should I treat this? Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Nutrition and Food Safety Expert Chen Junshi received an exclusive visit to this reporter and answered these issues. ■ If you match, you can meet the needs of human nutrition. But to do this, you need enough nutrition knowledge and corresponding food supply conditions. ■ People who don’t have a special physiological stage cannot eat full. For different groups, the key is to perform targeted, scientific and reasonable match. ■ The food does not have a good or bad, the key is whether the food matching and diet structure is reasonable, only vegetarian food is not necessarily healthier than the appropriate vegetarian. ■ Research proves that compared with Chinese traditional plant food, animal food is more likely to cause chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes. ■ Nutrition advocates \”balanced diet\”, advocating plant food, and appropriately matches animal food. ■ Eat no vegetarian is a personal choice, do not advocate, it is not against people to eat, but let all human beings are not our direction. ■ Vietnar is not necessarily to lose weight, the key is energy balance; the exercise is a healthy element that is never negligible, and the eating and moving is equally important, advocating two balances. One question: What is vegetarian?  is not the division of scientists, but the classification of people in practice.\” Chen Junshi said, \”vegetarian\”, refers to the meal consisting of vegetative food, mainly including food, vegetables, fruit, nuts Wait. Compared to, \”, refers to animal food, such as chicken duck fish. Everyone’s eating habits are different, and \”vegetarian\” has gradually derived a variety of classified nouns in practice, such as \”full\” \”half\” \”ferrin\” \”egg-mean\”. \”I don’t think it is too complicated, divided into ‘full’ and ‘half’ ‘.\” Chen Junshi explained that \”full\” refers to any animal food of chicken duck meat milk fish, and \”half \”It’s not a piece of iron plate, people who eat\” half \”can choose to eat some or two types of animal food, such as some people eating eggs, milk products, but do not eat animal food other than these; People eat fish, but do not eat animal food other than fish. \”One is clear, no matter what ‘full’ or ‘half’, do not include pig cattle and sheep and sheep.\” Chen Junshi said. II Q: Can the vegetarian need for nutritional demand? Can vegetarian food meet the necessary nutrition? \”Can, but there is an important premise – to make a reasonable match.\” Chen Junshi said that this requires that people who eat vegetarian food must have sufficient nutrition knowledge. What kind of nutrients can vegetarian energy to provide human body? Chen Junshi pointed out that vegetarian food can provide nutrients necessary for all human beings, including energy, protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals. energy. People have to get the energy required from the food to meet all kinds of physiological activities.The needs of moving, while food, vegetables, fruits, nuts and other vegetarian foods provide sufficient energy for the human body. protein. Grain, vegetables, fruits, nuts have protein, but the protein in vegetables and fruits is small, and the proteins in food and nuts are relatively large. The protein also has the advantages and disadvantages, and the protein is made of amino acid, the composition of the amino acid, the more reasonable mixing, the higher the quality of the protein. \”So why don’t you just stare at a food to eat? From nutrients, food should be reasonably complemented, so that the amino acid is complemented, which can effectively improve the nutritional value of the protein.\” Chen Junshi emphasized that people must be from animal food Gets protein, if you match, you can make a relatively reasonable amino acid from food, vegetables, fruits, and nuts to meet the needs of the human body. Among them, soybeans are very important high-quality plant proteins. If you want to get enough quality proteins, beans and soy products are indispensable. Fat and carbohydrates. Vegetarian energy can meet the fat required by the human body, such as vegetable oils to provide sufficient essential fatty acids; vegetable foods are rich in carbohydrates, and animal food carbohydrates is relatively small. Vitamins and minerals. \”Most of the vitamins and minerals can be obtained by proper matching of vegetable foods. There is only one need to be careful – vitamin B12.\” Chen Junshi said that vitamin B12 mainly exists in animal food, general plantability The food does not or only contains very little vitamin B12, which cannot meet the needs of the human body. However, some plant foods will produce vitamin B12 after fermentation, such as fermented soy products – soybean, sauce tofu, but tofu, etc., contain vitamin B12, which can meet the needs of the human body. Chen Junshi said that if there is a corresponding scientific knowledge, it is possible to scientifically, carefully mix, ingest a variety of and enough botanical foods, and do a balance between nutrients, such vegetarian can meet the human body. The various nutrients needed. Three questions: Does the pregnant women eat well? For children, pregnant women and other special groups, only vegetarian food can meet their necessary nutrition? \”No one of the special physiological stages can not eat the whole, the key is to make targeted, scientific reasonable match.\” Chen Junshi said, for example, pregnant women need more iron-containing food, there are a lot of iron content, But it is not easy to be used by the human body. The iron content in the grain is not low, but the iron in the flesh is easy to be used by people. \”If you understand these knowledge points, you know how to take targeted measures.\” Therefore, for these special groups, if you only eat vegetarian, your family needs more rich, targeted nutrition knowledge. \”You can find it on the literature. If you have a few world-class athletes, you have achieved excellent results. Of course, this person is still very small.\” Chen Junshi pointed out that some vegetarian people know that they are more nutrients Lack, therefore do not exclude nutrient supplements, such as vitamin minerals, which is not a supplementary approach. Four Q: Is it healthier? Eat allDo people who are more healthy than those who match the vegetarian? \”Not necessarily, the key is ‘appropriate match, nutrition balance’.\” Chen Junshi said that if you have a long time, you don’t have a balanced diet, it is easy to cause health problems such as nutrients, causing decline in immunity. \”Chinese traditional dietary model is based on plant food, suitable for animal food.\” Chen Junshi pointed out that a large number of scientific research proves that animal food is mainly compared to plant food. Western diet is more likely to cause chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes. \”One of China’s current chronic diseases is one of the meals to become Westernization, that is, animal food has increased significantly, plant food decreases.\” Chen Junshi emphasized that nutrition advocates plant food, properly matched with animal food. \”The main second here is very clear.\” Chen Junshi explained that plant food is mainly, it is necessary to eat more food, vegetables and fruits, don’t listen to rumors and don’t eat staple food, properly match animal food such as chicken duck fish, like What to eat, you can match the right amount, pay attention to animal foods, which means that it is best to eat, but don’t eat more, do properly. There are 6 core recommendations issued by China Nutrition Society in 2016: food, food is dominated; eating balance, healthy weight; eat more fruits and vegetables, milk, soy; moderately eat fish, poultry, eggs, Lean meat; less salt less oil, control sugar limited wine; eliminate waste, Xing Xinfai. Chen Junshi emphasized that these 6 don’t say that only one of them is, you must do it in order to eat health. Therefore, in addition to following the \”Balanced Meal Tower\” on the food, the exercise is a healthy element that is absolutely unlikely. Eat and move the same. Five questions: Can vegetarian weight loss? Many people concerned, is it able to lose weight? \”Yes, it is mainly to see how you eat, how to match.\” Chen Junshi pointed out why people’s weight increase? Because of its energy from food, it is greater than expenditure, that is, the income is greater than expenditure, and it doesn’t matter to vegetarian or eating. \”Although obesity has a certain relationship with genetic genes, as long as it can do energy balance, it will maintain normal weight.\” Chen Junshi emphasized that any weight loss method should consider energy intake and consumption, combine \”eating\” and \”moving\” Get up, \”eating two balances\” is the key to maintaining normal weight. Under the premise of the same amount of exercise, if the same component is provided, the animal’s food is more likely to make people fat – more fat in animal food, even if it looks very thin beef. The actual fat content is still very high. \”The people often say this is a healthy food. It is unhealthy food. In fact, the food does not have a good or bad, the key is whether the food matching and diet structure is reasonable.\” Chen Junshi explained, very few people think that braised meat is healthy, but why not Eat a piece of or even two braised meat, strengthen exercise after dinnerDo it consume it? It is true science. Six questions: Do you want to promote everyone? \”From the perspective of nutritionists, we don’t advocate people who don’t object to people to eat.\” Chen Junshi pointed out that vegetarian and eating can reach nutrition balance, but there must be certain nutrition knowledge; the two compared to vegetarian Nutritional balance is more difficult, and the full-quality, such as high-quality, rich protein in plant food, only beans and nuts, eat full, you want to do articles on the beans, and eggs, milk In animal foods such as fish, shrimp, chicken, are relatively easy to match. Chen Junshi pointed out that people are an eaten animal, no matter what reason, eat full or half, is a personal choice, \”There is no country in the world to force the national is vegetarian or eating, but let all mankind are not vegetarian Our direction. \”From China’s current situation, we need to reduce animal food intake to reduce the incidence of slow diseases.\” Chen Junshi pointed out that from this sense, some new plant food is launched instead Traditional meat, it is good for human health, and it is conducive to environmental protection and should be encouraged. \”But things always have two aspects.\” Chen Junshi pointed out that some companies launched \”artificial meat\” with plant protein as raw materials, such as replacing beef and pork with bean protein, \”will pursue taste, if the taste is not good, people Will not buy. But pursue tastes may increase a lot of fat, because the food is more delicious, which may cause the so-called ‘artificial meat’ than the fat content of animal meat without anti-increase, and it is expected to be expected. As a result, it is worth vigilance. \”