Recently, there is a very hot show, called \”One Year of the Happy Competition\”, Ma Dong does not go to the band, come to comedy. I have read a few episodes, very loved into the young people in the comedy creation, and attempts to try. I am very happy young people working hard, but middle-aged people don’t make more, we also make your own contribution to the development of comedy. Unlike young comedies, exaggeration, drama, middle-aged comedy quietly and smoothly – our lives, jokes every day. We have the old saying that \”twenty-three, 蹿 一 蹿\”, to encourage young people to have confidence, your body is working hard, don’t give up. However, middle-aged people are still not depressed. You have to believe that your body is still working hard – not only effort, but For example, nodules, cysts, polyps, vibrant, this start. Therefore, the middle-aged person should not be self-purple, although the one is pumping, but the parts are increasing; although the skin is sag, the blood pressure is very strong; although the physical strength is low, the physical fat is improved. Yes, the annual medical contest is coming again. 01 medical examination B super doctor: \”On the bed, revealing the stomach.\” I lie, I smashed, I am. The doctor took a gun rolled on my belly: \”Inhale, linger.\” I suck, I am. Doctor: \”You have a little fat, but it is.\” Northerners, flip king. I: \”Oh.\” Doctor: \”Eat less meat, drink less, more exercise. You are gently.\” The literary works look more, \”young\” sounds, it is a bit less unpleasant. I: \”Dafu, I am forty.\” Doctor: \”40 years old is not big.\” It sounds more unlucky. Me: \”I last year.\” Doctor: \”Oh? That congratulations, I am still?\” I: \”…\” doctor: \”Look at the prostate.\” I am shocked in my heart: \”Take your pants?\” My previous article will remember, I will never have anything, and I have experienced a prostate cavity in a prostate cavity, I have a little nervous. The doctor also shocked: \”Ah? No need to use it, outside the cavity, the pants are going down, showing a small belly.\” I squatted, I show. Doctor: \”There is one in the calcification.\” I: \”Ah? What is the creation?\” Doctor: \”In the risk !! … Calcium stove!\” I: \”… What stoves?\” I asked last time, I still ran in my home. Fair is integrated with stalls. Doctor: \”Prostate calcification.\” It sounds still a kitchen equipment. Me: \”Ah? My prostate calcification? Do you have anything?\” Doctor: \”Not a prostate calcification, is a calcification point. Do you not forty? Then what do I pay attention to? \”Doctor:\” Don’t worry about it. Drive less, eat less, sit less, less ride; don’t fatigue, don’t worry; drink water plus exercise, don’t think about the forefrontgland. \”My heart says that this is called not to take it? It’s a wonderful, and finally, I have been singing in my heart. But I said:\” … well. \”Doctor:\” See the thyroid. Unchild the collar and expose the neck. \”I solve, I Lu. The doctor crushed my neck, suddenly asked:\” Is your thyroid gland nodules? \”I am surprised, Sure enough, the middle-aged person added a problem, no one hid. I have a sad answer:\” No. \”Doctor:\” Well, this year is not. \” I:\”? ? ? \”The doctor throws two sheets of paper to me:\” Opening, rub. \”I rub. I rub. Doctor:\” I haven’t wiped yet? \” \”I:\” I am finished, I am sorry, I am pants, the middle-aged autumn clothes do you have to wear, a layer of one floor and don’t have a sense of security. \”Doctor:\” I want me to say that I will stick to it, I have to stick again, my heart is still awkward, I will. \”02 physical examination carbon 14 doctor handed me a small bag, yogurt. I took over the mask and blow it in my mouth. I:\” Doctor, your bag is missing, can’t blow up. \”After I finished, I will continue to blow. Doctor:\” I can’t blow up. Find a place for no one to blow for three minutes. \”I:\” Hey? ? ? \”The doctor flashed while flashing:\” You put the mask first, don’t blow it. \”I wear a mask:\” Who will blow three minutes? \” \”Doctor:\” Can ventilation. \”I:\” Oh. \”Doctor:\” You have to blow three minutes, and the national swimming team will take you away. \”I:\” I can’t blow me this child, short thick. \”Doctor looks at my limbs:\” That is. \”03 physical examination of ear nose throat a particularly kind old doctor, it looks at least seventy. She:\” Look at the right ear. \” \” I’m good. \”She:\” Look at the left ear. \” I’m good. \”She turned around and wrote the results on the computer and said:\” Look at your left ear, do you have a habit of cleaning your ears? \”My person is very paying attention to the details including but not limited to ears, nostrils, etc.. My heart said that I have been discovered by the professionals, and I am beautiful. I:\” Well, you see it. ! Usually clean up with cotton swab! \”She:\” I went all over the whole. \” me? ! \”She:\” Well. It’s quite clean outside, and I’m going over. \” me? ? Then I have to go to the hospital? \”She:\” There is no discomfort. \” I’m good. \”She:\” I don’t want to go without it. \”I:\” Well. \” \”She:\” You have to think that you can’t understand, go out. \”I:\” … \”She suddenly turned around and shouted:\” I said that I can’t understand it! \” ! ! ! ! \”I:\” … I heard the doctor, I just didn’t speak. \”She:\” Oh, I heard it. \”She turned over and continued,\” Yes, I just said that you have 耵聍Come? \”04 physical examination\” doctor: \”On the bed, set off the clothes to reveal the chest, and there is a wrist and an ankle. \”I think of the suggestion of B-ultrasound, I have a white-heart, people have experienced experience. Doctor:\” … What are you laugh? Put your clothes. \”I:\” Nothing is fine. \”I’m finished, I got up and prepared to get pants, because I still show my legs, I have to put the autumn trousers to the socks, very complicated. I suddenly remembered the advice of the B-ultrasound. I:\” doctor, I Is there a project such as a clothing to prepare a trousers? \”Doctor is very vigilant:\” What do you mean? \” \”I:\” If I don’t, I will work with you, I will go out, I will go out, I am so uncomfortable. \”Dafu took a physical examination table and saw it:\” There should be no. \”I started to start in accordance with the rule of the trousers. The middle-aged people are meticulous in this area. Autumn clothes to the autumn trousers, tightly packaged, comfortable; autumn trousers to mention the waist, slightly Safe is full. When I was in the autumn trousers, the doctor suddenly asked: \”You don’t have urine? \”I:\” No. \”Doctor looks at my sports pants:\” Then you may have to solve it. \”I shared these music, many people asked me if I was inspected in Deyun community, as far as I know, De Yunshi still didn’t have this business. I have never been this medical examination and seeing the disease, and my mind is mainly to cover tight. Since the beginning of the 35, the medical examination report is getting more and more, and there are more and more daily parts. The courage is getting smaller and smaller. I don’t have to have a diaper. Of course, middle-aged people a year One degree of the medical examination is not over, after the handling of the physical examination, after the medical report, it is a round of Versailles. Everyone takes out the things of the home, and the people below the report are not qualified, and the sea is selected. The sieve is off. This is a perfect end. Everyone has completed each other. I learned that the difference between the physical condition of each other is mainly the difference between problems and problems, so I put down the pressure, my heart is slightly, and I am very comforting. After the false exercise plan, you will go back to the red dust, go to work, you should pay hard customers, go to work, do you have a child, do you do it. The humor of middle-aged people is forced.