For all, the thermalness of the problem of damping and increased muscles is not reduced, and the sales of major live broadcasts is also rising straight lines, including a meal powder, enzyme products, and diet pills attracted a large number of consumers. The main reason for this trend is on the background of the high-speed development of society. The people’s living conditions have greatly improved, and the requirements for body shape become higher and higher; on the other hand, high-strength work and fast-paced life, make your body management The requirements are not available or difficult to meet. Based on these reasons, the market has pushed the relevant products in front of the demand group through quick disappearance, but it is not possible to avoid that the public is different from the degree of cognition of this type of product. At present, mainstream recognition is any dietary treatment plan for damaging fat, and a certain frequency and intensity of physical activity, and it is not possible to eat enzyme products, plant powder or diet pills, can not help you scientifically lose fat. Scientific damages should seize the core elements, which is to reduce energy intake and increase energy consumption under the premise of maintaining healthy energy needs. In other words, no matter how minor, you must first ensure that the basic energy needs needed to maintain your health, and then you can consider diet, increase energy. Most weight loss products is to reduce the absorption of appetite, reduce capacity nutrients, and increase the angle of energy combustion. There is also a problem that needs to be reminded. Since the current fiducial increase in muscle product market is mixed, consumers need to polish their eyes, or choose under the guidance of a profession. In the field of muscle, mainly serving the sports nutrients in the bodybuilder and strength projects, has gradually moved to the general fitness project, its product type is very large, including energy supplements, maintenance or promotion of health; the annual output value is also amazing, number Home Large Data Analysis predicts that my country’s sports nutrition market has exceeded 10% in 588 years after 2021; and in the field of loss of fat, diet pills belong to medicines, its production, operation, use, inspection, supervision and Approval should be carried out under the \”Drug Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China\” and \”Implementation Measures for Drug Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China\”; special foods such as drug powder will be managed under the \”Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China … Summary into one sentence In the case, there is a wide variety of damages and increase in muscle products, and some walk in the edge of laws and regulations, need to be cautious, choose.