\”Heavenly Street is like a crisp, the grass is close to the past, but there is always a memory of the sun. The arrival of \”rain\” is a notice. Rain water is the second spring in the twenty-four air. At this time, the sun arrived at 330 degrees, and the \”Qiki River opened, the eighth geese\” in the \”Nine\” in the \”Nine River\” in the \”Nine River\” Rainy water is generally coming from February 18-20, the ceremony, this year’s rain is February 19. Like Valley, Snow, Snow, rain is also the solar terms that reflect the phenomenon of precipitation. Dongfeng is thawed for most of the rain, the temperature rose to 0 degrees Celsius, \”monthly order seventy-two candidates\” Zhongyun: \”Month. Heavenly water, spring is wood, the woods will be water, so the spring After the rain, and the Dongfeng is thawed, then it is a rain. \”That is to say, spring is inseparable from the moisture of the water, the rain is flying, the grass is sprouting, the snow is more, the rain is more, spring is coming. The ancients divided the 15 days of rain and soils into three waiting: the first time to sacrifice the fish; two Waiting for the sofguing; It means that the otter began to catch up at this time, they will catch the fish first, just like the exhibition of the offerings; 5 days after, the geese will fly back from the south; after 5 days, in the moisturizing In the silent spring rain, the grass is taking out the tender buds. In the rain, most of the temperature returns to 0 degrees Celsius, the average temperature in the Huanghuai plasma has reached about 3 degrees Celsius, and the average temperature in the Jiangnan area is about 5 degrees Celsius. The average temperature in South China is 10 degrees Celsius. With the arrival of the rain, the snowflakes are flying, the weather in the cold, the weather is gradually disappeared, the moist air, the gentle sun and the rainy days are coming to people – \”Thousands of miles 啼 绿 绿 红, Water Village Mountain Guo Wine \”. The \”second movement\” of spring has played, and the breath of the spring is getting stronger. The rain has a good winter wheat, and the rape is generally returned. When entering the best spring irrigation, \”spring rain is expensive as oil.\” Before and after rain, winter wheat, rapeseed, the demand for moisture is large, and appropriate precipitation is very important to crops. \”The rain has a good crop well, and the spring Xiaochun is a treasure.\” For agricultural farmers, the rain is a key period of Xiaochun Management and the big spring. In my country North China, Northwest and Huanghuai area, precipitation is generally less, and it is often necessary to meet the needs of agricultural production. If you lack precipitation early in early spring, you should make spring irrigation to supplement moisture in time before and after rain. Spring is enriched in early spring irrigation, which is conducive to the early ease of easement, satisfying winter wheat, rapeseed to return to water and fertilizer. In the south of Huaihe River, it is dominated by strengthening China, while doing a good job in the field of ditch, it is too much to prevent the spring rain, resulting in a wet irregular root. In South China, the double season early rice seedling has begun, then pay attention to grasping the \”cold-tail warmers\”, grab the Qing plant, and strive to broadcast the whole seedlings. In addition, the rainwater season is more when the cold wave is in the cold wave, the weather is extremely cold, and the crops that have grown or return to the green are extremely harmful. Always pay attention to the cold and anti-frozen work of crops. At the moment, the cold is hit, the spring is cold and cold is a key rain, the northern hemisphere sunshine time andThe intensity is increasing, the temperature is faster, but the cold air is not a thousand miles. It is frequently contest with the active warm and cold air flow, and it is cold. Changes in temperature can cause respiratory diseases such as cold fever, and the plummete temperature will make the elderly more discomfort, and it is even more disadvantageous to high blood pressure, heart disease, and asthma patients. At this time, you should also pay attention to keep warm, and prevent the \”reverse cold\”. Spring is coming, the temperature is rising, the human skin capillary and pores are gradually opened, the blood circulation is accelerated, and the blood supply to the brain is relatively reduced, plus the change in the day and night, and the surrounding temperament will make people sleepy, faint sleep. In the rain, we must arrange a job reasonably to arrange a job, moderately participate in outdoor exercise. In addition, the Chinese medicine believes that the liver is born, spring liver is hot, easy to hurt the spleen, pay attention to the inside of the liver, the exterior and evil spirits. Three meals should keep five flavors, eat less spicy, avoid eating food, eat more, lily, carrots, bean sprouts, etc., food and fresh fruits and vegetables.