After a tired day, you can have high quality sleeps can both restore the spirit and can be relieved. However, a group of data about sleep is not calm. According to the survey, the incidence of sleep disorders in my country is more than 30%. Long-term insomnia will not only bring us spiritual damage, but also to destroy our body functionality. Insufficient sleep will reduce the self-repair ability of the stomach, and will also cause spiritual wilting, emotional anxiety depression. Facial acne, acne and other skin problems also come. In addition, long-term sleep is insufficient to damage the brain function, so that brain cell recession is accelerated, and neurovable or stroke diseases are caused. So how to have a perfect sleep is particularly important. Here is a method for you to introduce a simple and good operation, the economical and affordable Chinese medicine ear hole to treat insomnia. The ear is closely related to the meridians, the organs have a close contact, and the Chinese medicine has the \”Twelve Mestructure on the Ear\”, \”Gets from the Ears\”, \”Nephri Pacific in the Ears\”. At the same time, the auricle is distributed with rich nerves: body nerves, brain nerves, sympathetic nerves, and they overlap each other, forming a giant plex. Therefore, the ear valve is both a systematic response point, and it is the treatment point of the disease. Then, for different insomnia, our selection is different, mainly including: Shenmen, kidney, heart, neurlance area, neuronal weakness, neurological cortex, etc. Under the skin of the god, pillow, and nervous system: Since insomnia makes the cerebral cortex excitatory and inhibiting process balance disorders, the normal law of advanced neurological activities is destroyed. The acupuncture acupuncture acupuncture has an excitement and inhibitory function of the cerebral cortex. God Gate: It has a calm, peace, and sleepless effect. Heart: The heart of the heart is, which is the Lord of the Hardtern Six. When the yang is insufficient, the neurasthesia, insomnia, forgetfulness, weakness; the heart is inadequate as the neurasthen dissevity of sympathetic, such as the heart, sweating, etc., the heart is so peaceful. The acupolar pressure treatment has a good effect on insomnia, reducing the time, reducing the number of awakens, prolonging sleep time, improving sleep quality, there is a good side effect, fast, easy to take, easy, good health, economy, easy Many advantages. At the same time, wearing the ear, the peace of mind is more effective!