Our knee is the largest joint in the human body. When we walk, go up and down the building and squatting, mainly the knee joint is played, and the flexion or extension of the knee joint is a key factor in completing the above action. The time of the pain symptoms in each of our knees will be earlier than other joints. It is 50 years old, the knee or less pain, even some people are less than 50 years old, there is a knee pain. Just catering to the old saying: \”People are old\”. Why is it more likely to appear in this important joint? If we know a medium in the original, we can maintain knee joints to prevent aging arthritis. The truth is used. Motion needs to control each action of human beings in standing positions. Walking, running, jumping, kneeling, knee joint effect is indispensable. Generally normal, the number of steps that need to live daily is about 10,000 steps, still do not work out the number of steps. Therefore, in the case of normal use, the knee joint is more than a lot of labor. If there is an additional movement, there is a strong effect within a certain range, and once excessive is accelerated, the joint wear aging is accelerated. Every day, the two knee joints must be flexed and extension is more than 10,000 times in the case of weight, plus the flexion and extension of the knee joint when the sitting and bed bed is added. The knee is so \”hard\”, then the person who loves sports, wants to exercise people, people who want to lose weight, diabetic patients need to exercise to control blood sugar, how to control the amount of exercise, not only achieve the purpose of exercise, not As to accelerate the aging of the knee joint? The principle of conservation plan Our movement is – vary from person to person, change in time; gradually add, suitable. Every life is different, bones, joints, tendons, muscles, etc. How to master the size of the exercise? Mainly rely on everyone’s own feelings. Each sports can, the body is not discomfort, the body is not painful after the exercise, can have mild fatigue, the next day does not have excessive fatigue, rest can not relieve the feeling, this time the amount of exercise is suitable. As physique is enhanced, the amount of exercise can gradually increase. After an increase, pain and fatigue can be relieved faster, which is the amount of exercise that we can withstand. The truth two burden large control weights are in the top four joints of the shoulder elbow hip knee, and the knee joint is located at a low level, so the weight of the knee joint is the most in these four joints. The shoulder joint and elbow joint are located in the upper limbs. In addition to the weight of the upper limbs, the upper limb is degraded, and the degree of cartilage wear is also light in the joint surface. However, the knee joint is different, it is a typical negative weight joint, which can be said that the weight is the main task of the knee joint. In particular, not only should be loaded and still active, such as squatting, the four-headed muscle strong shrinkage, pulling the tumorpiece teeth, and then pressurized the tibia, leading to the joint surface between the tibia and the femur to bear far away.The usual load. In the same way, the joint floral cartilage between the tibia and femur was also undergone. The joint cartilage between the femur and the tibia is also affected by the impact of the body’s falling potential, which is the damage to the joint when the weight is increased. Since the maintenance program determines the weight of the knee joint, then we can do it is to control your weight. Fat people, that is, people with weight, the weight of the joint will inevitably increase. Conversely, to reduce the load of the knee joint, we must reduce weight. Control the body weight within the normal range, there is no additional load in the knee joint, and the aging speed will slow down. However, it should be noted that there is no need to lose weight for people who are normal. Because, the weight is not, the better, the weight is too light, and the strength and stability of the joint will also affect the joint. For example, people who are too lightweight are prone to osteoporosis, then the joints consisting of the bones are the main components, and the intensity is impaired. Specific to knee joint, osteoporosis causes the strength of the cartilage in the inner tibial platform to decrease, and it is a non-uniform surface of the housing, and the cartilage of the cartilage surface will be uneven, causing the cartilage degradation to advance. The truth-three-structural complex avoidance of the traumatic influence of the joint strong knee joint is complex, which is composed of femur distal, tibia proximal and tibia three partial bone structures, and the surface of the osteogenic structure covers the transparent cartilage, which reduces friction and buffering stress. Role, forming a patellofemoral joint and stock joint. There is a half-moon plate between the tibial and femur, is a fiber soft bone pad, which is to increase the contact area between tibia and femur, stabilize joint and dispersion stress during the activity process, reduce impact; The two are exquisite to maintain the stability during the knee flexion, and if the two ligaments are damaged or even break, they will lead to unstable knee joints, accelerate joint wear aging. The distal proximity of the humerus is connected to the tandem and the four-headed tendon, and there are inner and outer sub-ligaments on both sides of the knee joint. These structures described above have a damaged or degraded strength, which will affect the stability of the knee joint, thereby accelerating joint aging. This is a change in the maintenance scheme, and what we can do is to avoid knee surgery. Once the injury is difficult to repair due to its complex repair, it is impossible to completely repair, and it will inevitably lead to a strong stability of the joint, and the academic aging speed will also speed up. If injured, you need to take full recuperation, try to do the maximum level of joints, otherwise it is more difficult to handle after residual symptoms. The truth of the truth, four leather bones, keep warm, don’t be cold, \”skin bag\”, describe the state of the knee joint, but there is no muscle protection around it. Due to the small thickness of the muscle, skin ligament and joint capsule around the knee joint, the knee joint is easy to cool. After the cold, the blood vessel shrinks will inevitably lead to decreased blood flow, causing insufficient supply of joints and surrounding structures. After the joint wear, the metabolic repair will be carried out in time, which will cause the joint cartilage to be easily worn, and the synovial edema is inflamed. Over time, the knee joint is irreversible damage is formed. Some people say, European and American, Russians, JapaneseThere is no habit of wearing autumn trousers, and their knees are not good? In fact, there is still some disputes in the horizontal contrast, and the ethnicity of Europe and the United States and the Russians has a big difference, they are more resistant to cold; the Japanese, from the beginning, whenever they have two legs, Perhaps this can be able to adapt to the cold early, and their knee vessels are also adapted to work under cold conditions without being cold harvest. Maintenance Solutions Our Chinese knees cannot be resistant to cold, you must pay attention to keep warm, especially, with the aging of the joints, it needs to be warm. This is actually the easiest to do in joint maintenance. The truth of five joint cartilage can not regenerate anti-problems in time to repair the joint cartilage in the knee joint to afford huge pressure, impact, friction, unstable, synovitis and nutrients will affect cartilage, and a long time, the cartilage will be crackled, depleted, lacking, And once the cartilage is damaged to a certain extent, it cannot be regenerated. The best way to maintain the maintenance program is not to let the joint cartilage are damaged or strengthen the joint cartilage. At present, there is a drug that adds articular cartilage ingredients, such as amino glucose, chondroitin and sulfate sulfate sulfate. There is a certain repair effect in the condition of health or mild damage in the joint cartilage. This repair is limited, and it varies from person to person.