Today I want you to share some of the things that I pay attention to when I pick jeans, mainly the material, hardness and length of the jeans, and how to use them to lengthen your legs.

The first thing I would look at when picking jeans is the material, whether I’m shopping online or going to an offline store, I must look at the material. So how to look at it? If you are shopping online, the details page will have a ratio of its material, and if you are shopping offline, you can turn out its wash label to see. The main component of ordinary jeans is cotton.

I will basically only buy 100% cotton jeans, except skinny jeans, when I pick the jeans. The reason is that once the material is added to some other things, such as spandex, or other things, it is actually to make the jeans more elastic. The elasticity itself is good, less likely to appear stuck crotch, or cause inconvenient action, inflexible. However, there are disadvantages, the most fatal of which is the loss of its shape.

But jeans themselves, I think the most important thing is to have that stiff enough feeling, because after the upper body, this stiffness can maintain the shape, which in turn modifies our legs and makes our legs look straighter and thinner. But once you add spandex, the shape of the jeans will be easily destroyed, because with the elasticity, if the legs are slightly bent, or if the calf muscles are developed a little, the jeans will follow the legs and lose the original finishing effect.


The second thing to look at is the thickness of the jeans, and the hardness of the material itself. But this word cannot be seen from the material, because it is based on the type and quality of cotton itself, but as a general consumer is unable to check the origin and quality of the cotton used to make jeans, you have to rely on touch, probably feel its thickness and hardness.

If the touch is quite thin, and elastic, soft, it is not easy to keep the shape on the body, especially the knee where it is easy to go, on the contrary, the thicker the harder, easier to keep the shape. But can not which is absolutely good, absolutely bad, mainly according to their own needs to determine. If you buy skinny jeans, you have to be a little softer, elastic, and straight jeans, because the pursuit of the slimming effect, if the material is a little soft, it will lose the effect of modifying the leg shape. There is also the fact that some jeans we will want to roll the edge, or tuck into the boots, this kind of jeans need to be a little softer, otherwise it is not good to roll the edge, or tuck into the boots will bulge.

The third thing to look at is the length of the jeans. If you want to choose a straight pair of jeans, spring and summer with small white shoes, single shoes, autumn and winter with ankle boots, and do not want to roll the edge or tucked into the boots, then choose nine-quarter pants, so that you can reveal the ankle part, will look like your legs are thin, and when wearing ankle boots, ankle boots that fine part will not be covered because the jeans are too long.


But if you want to choose a longer version of that kind of jeans, in spring and summer, you want to roll it up to reveal your ankles, and in autumn and winter tuck it into your boots, then you have to choose a soft material. The variability of these jeans is very strong, compared to nine-quarter pants, it can be tucked into the boots to wear the feeling of work pants.

There is also the fact that you must know your inner leg length, which is the length from the crotch to the ankle. After knowing this length, it is particularly convenient when buying jeans online, because the details page of the jeans will write the length of the jeans inside the legs, so you will probably know the approximate length of the jeans on your body before you buy them.

The fourth is about the size of the jeans. The first one is the size of the jeans. When I pick my own jeans, I mainly look at two places, the hip circumference and waist circumference. The most suitable jeans for you are definitely the ones that fit your hips and waist, but not everyone has a perfect body curve, so when you can’t meet both, you should give priority to the ones that fit your hips. If the waistline can be improved with a belt, but if the hip circumference is too small, it will flatten your buttocks and change the shape of your buttocks, and if it is too big, the buttocks will be saggy and will change the shape of your buttocks.


The fifth talk about how to use jeans to lengthen the leg shape. In fact, jeans have a lot of careful design, can make our legs look longer, the proportion looks better. The first thing is that high waisted pants, many people think that high waisted pants will look like our legs are longer, because the waistline is improved, but in fact, everyone is not stupid, people can see where your crotch is, so that your waist is raised higher, will be betrayed by the crotch.

I think to achieve the effect of making your legs look longer, you must lengthen the proportion of the calf, especially when taking pictures or shooting videos. So if you pick jeans, you can choose those small designs to make your calves look longer.


The first is the hole pants, many hole pants will be in the knee position design a hole, choose this kind of pants, must choose the hole in the knee above, if in front of the knee are okay, but if it is below the knee, do not buy, because it will look like your calf is shorter, people are shorter, and look particularly strange. The subconscious default position of the hole in the knee when others are looking at it.

The second is the flare jeans, whether it is a boot-shaped micro flare or oversized large flare pants, pay attention to the location where the flare just starts to slope outward, which also represents the location of the knee. The same reason as the hole, the position of the horn is higher than the knee, there is a visual effect of elongating the calf.