As the saying goes: eat well in the morning! Healthy and delicious breakfast is an important guarantee for learning and growth and development. The child started, how much is it to eat breakfast? What should I prepare? In this regard, the China CDC’s WeChat public account issued a document that breakfast is only a meal in three meals, so the energy of the breakfast is not too high, accounting for 30% of the whole day. There are too many children to eat, too little, or don’t eat breakfast is not conducive to his morning learning, and will also affect the consumption of lunch. Over time, it is easy to trigger obesity. The Chinese CDC introduces that a healthy breakfast \”rich ingredients\” is the basic conditions. So what kinds of ingredients do you have? \”If the child’s breakfast is in the following four major ingredients, of course, it is best, otherwise it is necessary to guarantee three types of food.\” Goat potato such food material appears in the form of staple food, such as rice, bread , Noodles, sweet potatoes, corn porridge, etc. Many fat children’s parents often save the staple food in the breakfast directly, in fact, this is not right. Because the carbohydrate in the staple food is the sole energy source of the brain, children who don’t eat staple food will feel sleepy, fatigue, affecting the efficiency of listening. Therefore, parents don’t remove the staple food of breakfast, but to be scientific choices, reasonable consumption. Vegetables, fruits, bactel algae this type of ingredients are very rich, nutrients are particularly rich, they are rich in vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers, etc., and can also regulate the actual appetite in the morning. Such a good ingredient is precisely the most easily ignored part of our breakfast. Therefore, everyone should pay more attention to supplement this type of ingredients in breakfast, especially brunette vegetables and colorful fruits. Poultry, livestock, meat, and eggs are mostly providing protein’s ingredients for children. Generally, they are all foods that they like, so parents should pay attention to not letting children eat more in breakfast. Soy, milk and nuts, milk and nuts, including dairy products, soybeans, such as yogurt, cheese, soy milk, soy products, etc.