Some so-called natural health foods sold now, they have claimed that they can detoxify, lose weight, constipation, attracting a group of young people. But these famous food extraction, no side effects, can you really reach the \”detoxification\” effect? \”Detoxification\” is just a legend. First, everyone should recognize that there is no \”detoxification\” in medicine, and it is no scientific basis to use health products to detoxify and lose weight. The so-called \”poison\”, mostly, is the deposition of metabolic waste produced by food digestion, and the contamination of various contamination in the body in the environment. Under normal circumstances, our liver, kidney, and pulmonary organs are natural detoxification systems, with sweat, tears, cough, size and other ways to discharge the toxins in the body, additional health products to detoxify or lose weight. It is incremental to the body. Recognizing that these health care products do not fool, I want to recognize the rumors of health products. It is actually not difficult. The young people can inquire at the official website. The elderly remember not to invest in the doctor. In general, promises that there is no need to go to the hospital’s regular treatment, it can cure certain diseases. If you buy it, you will send a variety of gifts. Most of them are not reliable. We recommend that you still go to a regular hospital for diagnosis and treatment, to avoid delays. Health products eat liver, kidney injury, and even fatal news is everything, must not fill lightly! Regular health food packaging box should be marked with \”Blue Hat\” health food special logo, below the approval number, the approved number of domestic health foods is \”Guardian food health\”, import health food is \”Wei (into ) Food health. \” At the same time, the packaging of health food must be indicated: name, net content and solid content, ingredients, efficiency ingredients, health effects, suitable populations, edible methods, date indications (production date and shelf life), storage methods, implementation standards, health care The name and address of the food production enterprise, health license number, is not possible. There are many kinds of health products that have been treated with constipation health products for a long time. Some health products play the flag of \”pure natural\” \”pure plant\” \”no chemical add\”, in practice, it may mix drugs, lower blood sugar drugs, and laxatives, etc. These products may feel obvious when they are just use, but they will cause huge harm to the body for a long time. Even health products that do not have chemical components, long-term production of catharsics can cause endocrine systems and intestinal flora, and increase the burden of metabolic organs, which is not good for health. Solve constipation What is the correct way to handle constipation correctly? The symptoms are serious, affecting the quality of life, it is recommended that the hospital will consult, there is a drug that is treated with constipation; the slight constipation can no need for drug treatment, and do not blindly apply health products. You need to pay attention to the following points: drinking water, accelerate metabolism. Advantageously strengthen sports, especially avoid sedentary. Carry with intestinal massage: use the palm or grip, respectively, in the order of clockwise, counterclockwise, 100 times in each direction,Promote intestinal peristalsis.Diet Note: Eat some foods, such as oatmeal, corn, brown rice, whole wheat bread.Eat more food-rich foods such as leeks, celery, sweet potatoes, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, etc.Appropriate supplementary probiotics, such as yogurt, probiotics drink, etc., improve the intestinal environment, reach the effect of the intestinal environment and intestinal mucosa, enhance the intestinal peristaltic function and promote defecation.The most important thing, keep a pleasant mood: Many times, constipation is caused by pressure and tension.