Follow the interactive screen to learn the five birds, extract the Chinese medicine blind box gift, see the visual meridian map …a \”10 second\” Chinese Medicine Experience Hall, attracted the staff of the delegations to stop the experience, become a displays Chinese medicine culture window. \”The original intention of our design experience is to let everyone see Chinese medicine culture not only history, the bottom is full, but also facing the future, keeps pace with the times.\” \”10 seconds\” Chinese Medicine Experience Hall Executive Personnel Li Tianzhen. The experience hall is the core of Chinese medicine, integrating modern technology and national tide art, and creates an immersive multi-functional exhibition hall. Tap \”I hope to know the screen\”, you can understand the efficacy and production of Chinese medicine; slide the meridian visualization slide screen, 10 seconds can explore an acupuncture, a mystery behind a meridian; \”The immersive experience area, visitors can listen to Chinese classical rhythms tailored to their tailor, feel the life trajectory of spring, summer, autumn harvest, and winter. The experience hall also prepared a small gift for every experience, including meridian socks, scraping boards, etc. \”I didn’t expect Chinese medicine culture so broad.\” A Italian athlete said. Chinese medicine has also made a positive contribution in the Winter Olympics Health Protection, Medical Treatment. The medical force of Dongzhun Hospital, Oriental Hospital, and the Oriental Hospital, and the establishment of medical professional volunteers, etc., providing medical treatment services, showing traditional Chinese medicine culture.