The glutinous rice is a variety of rice in the rice, the variety of viscosity, small expansion, and all over the country. Among the grains, glutinous rice has the most wide range. Rice is a single sub-leaf plant, and its seed division and embryo (including sub-leaf, germ, embryo, embryo shaft), but substantially major edible parts are endosperm. The glutinous rice is sticky and is not ignorant, and the viscosity is smaller than the rice, but it is more than nikin. Gluminous, generous, gentle, spleen, lung, and kidney. The glutinous rice has a division of north and south in my country. The origin has the difference in water, and the growth mature period has morning and late, so the coldness of glutinous rice may be slightly. For example, the japo of the southern summer production is not as good as the north to enter the spleen and stomach, and the Japanese autumn and winter has also entered the lungs in the cold. The glutinous rice is used as a staple food, which is often cooked into a meal porridge, so there is a born when using it. For example, glutinous rice can be born with cold, but boiled for meals. But in general, glutinous rice is sweet in grain, so it is mainly flat or heated, and it is faded after firing. The glutinous rice is beneficial to raise Yinjia products. It is in the mild, and it is the sound of the spleen. It is sweet to make up, and the fragrance is awake, and it can make up the gas of the sky. The glutinous rice is white and the lungs can be added to the lungs. Between the rice noodles of glutinous rice, the rice, the rice made with glutinous rice, the gas, sweet, the quality, the softness, softness and viscosity, soft and easy to slip, boiled porridge is very juice, so It can make up the spleen and stomach of the sky, and you can benefit the yin of the lungs. Commonly used in vomiting, diarrhea or warmth of spleen and stomach, insufficient stomach, thirst, etc. The glutinous rice can be used, or it can be used, and it can be used in compatibility; it is born, it is also available. If the glutinous rice is beneficial to spleen, it is often stirred with glutinous rice. If the baby spits the milk, the spleen and stomach are weak, stirred with glutinous rice, and the fried juice. All in all, glutinous rice is because of the heavens and the earth, its sexual peace, color white, sweet, gas fragrance, can supplement the gas of the nephrosis, but also kill the kidney, but also nourish the liquid, so in the grain It has an extremely important status to become an indispensable staple food.