\”Drink more hot water!\” Daily encountered some cold and small diseases such as stomachache, often hear this suggestion. \”One day to drink eight cups of water\” is some \”healthy people\” reliegemonics. Many people believe that drinking more water can detoxify, and more detox can be healthier, but do these sayings really correct? The more you drink, the more detoxify it? Revealing the internal organs is an important part of the human body, accounting for 70% of the weight of the human body, which can be said to be the source of life. People can do not eat for a few days, can’t have a drink, but how to drink water can pay attention to the way. We drink the water into the body, not directly out of the body, such as simple \”detoxification\”, but to be digestive, urinary, breathing multiple systems in the human body, with complexity of absorption, exchange, filtering, etc. The process, then discharges outside the water vapor in the breathing via size, sweating and breathing. So too much drinking will increase the burden on the internal organs. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that too many water excretions will not be gone, and even become \”drinking evil\”, there is edema or in vivo water. How much water is drinking one day? Adults need 1500-2500ml water a day, but how much is done, because of the land, it is determined. The weather is hot and sweating, and drink more. The weather is cold and sweating, and the water is reduced. Heating in the room, air conditioning, dry environment, need to add more moisture, and there is no too much place where the moist water is heavy. Tall, fat, gender, food factors will affect drinking water demand. The amount of activity is much larger, just need more. Easy to edema, people who love eczema, phlegm, should pay attention to drinking excess. If there is nephropathy, heart disease, liver disease, but should control drinking water according to physicians, drink too much water, but will aggravate the condition. Thirst is your body is short of water? How to judge the two yards to judge enough water enough? Some people think that thirst is the signal sent by the brain, prompting us to \”drink water.\” Some people think that the thirst is too late, and there should be water at any time, no matter how thirst is thirsty. In fact, thirst and lack of water can not be drawn. Water shortage can cause thirst, high blood sugar, eating too salty, heat stroke, and fever can also cause thirst feeling through the brain. This situation is not enough in the body, but there are too many ingredients such as sugar in the blood. It is necessary to add water to dilute, or the body temperature is too high, it is necessary to add water to cool down, so it is often a lot of water or feel thirsty. . There are still some long-term hobbies, people who drink tea, don’t really \”thirst\”, but the brain is in a habit \”need to come to a cup.\” In the traditional Chinese medicine theory, thirst is often due to the internal heat consumption, just drinking water without removing internal heat, it is equal to \”Yang Shuo from boiling boiling\”, do not turn the stove flavor, and add more water in the pot. Some people are thirsty because the visceral function is abnormal, and the moisture cannot be transported according to the normal way, nor is it really short of water. For example, some patients with blood stasis, blood stasis hinders water transportation to the tongue, and thus always feel thirst but does not want to drink water, even if you drink thirst, you can’t relieve it. So how can you know that the body is not a lack of water? From urinating colors, you can easily judge. Normal urine is light yellowIf the color is deepening, beer color, the tea is prompted to drink some water, the color is very shallow or no color, indicating that the body has worked hard to discharge extra moisture, do not need to drink again. Do you think of drinking? Drinking water 12 hours, understanding drinking water to choose the right time. Getting up every morning, drinking a little water can add the loss of moisture at night, and you can wake up the snoring and prepare for breakfast. Before eating, it should not drink water after eating, which will cause fullness of the stomach, affecting appetite, and dilute the gastric fluid, affecting the digestion of food. Don’t drink too much water before going to bed at night, so as not to cause sleep in the night, you will affect your sleep. In the twelve hours of day, (5 o’clock) is the main intestine, and drinking water can be litter and promote defecation. Time (9 o’clock to 11 o’clock) spleen Jingqi is strong, can transport the water Valley, and drink water is not easy to generate sputum. No (13:00 to 15 o’clock) is a small intestine, responsible for drawing nutrients in the diet, at which time drinking water is most beneficial to absorb moisture. The time (15 points to 17 points) is the most active time of the bladder, and proper drinking water is conducive to metabolic garbage in the human body. Take a tea for water? The way to drink the most inverse water in boiled water is also a matter of attention. Some people have urgent people to drink a lot of drinks, or because the weather is hot, sports thirst is rushed to fill a large bottle of drinks. This is often feeling uncomfortable, and the water is bloated and bored in the stomach, and even disgusting. This is because it is too much to drink too much overs of the stomach, and the stomach cannot be emptied in time. The correct way to drink is small, slow drink, a small amount. Some people don’t like to drink white water, often replace with carbonated drinks, juices, coffee and tea. Although the drink is delicious, but often contains high sugar, drink more than a few bottles, I don’t know how much sugar is ingested, and it is unfavorable to the health. Coffee and tea make people excite, too much drink may affect sleep. It is best to choose white water, temperature is slightly higher than the lips. If you really want to drink cold, you can slowly swallow in the oral cavity, avoid sudden cold stimulation to cause stomach pain. \”Thirsty water, hungry, eat\”, it is simple, but it is in line with human physiological needs and compliance with natural laws. I hope that everyone will start with the daily small things such as drinking water, pay attention to health, scientific health, and get a better life.