Recently, the impact of cold air is in the south, and my country’s multi-ground temperature has dropped and accompanied by windy weather. Experts suggest that the temperature is suddenly lowered, and it is easy to cause recurrence of patients with facial muscle spasm. Placeomic spasm is a half-sided face non-autonomous convulsion. The convulsions are parked and irregular, which can be aggravated due to fatigue, mental tension and excessive movement. Most of this disease begins from eye wheel, and will involve the entire face, seriously affecting the quality of life of patients. As the rhythm of life is accelerating, the social pressure increases, the incidence of this disease is growing over year. Most patients have an age of 40 years old, more common in female groups, and young people are rarely suffering. Associate Professor of the First Affiliated Hospital of the First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, Master’s Mong Guo Xiecheng said in an interview with the Science and Technology Daily report that although facial muscle spasm does not constitute a fatal threat to human health, frequent facial convulsions are easy to distort normal appearance, affecting patients Work and interpersonal communication may also cause patients to have psychological barriers. Therefore, the patient must be treated early and avoid delaying the disease. At present, the internationally recognized method of rheumatic muscle spasm is microvascular decompression. \”Popularly, it is a small mouth of a copper coil, which will be oppressed, and the blood vessels are separated, while retaining the normal feeling of facial nerves, sports conduction function.\” Xie Chuncheng introduced that this surgery can reach 95 % Or more, and the risk is small, and it will not affect the facial beauty, and surgery is only 2 hours. \”This microvascular pressure reduction is also very safe due to small blood loss. The elderly are also very safe.\” Xie Chuncheng said that he often does this surgery for the age of seven or eighty years, even if the patient has basic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases. There is no problem, there is no need to have too many concerns when treatment. In addition, this disease can also be treated with drugs and injection of botulinum toxin. Drug treatment is relatively suitable for patients with shortestation, lighter conditions, commonly used drugs mainly have phenytoin and Kamazie, and drugs can temporarily ease about 60% -70% of patients. However, drugs can not be cured, and the treatment of medicine for long-term medication is not good, and the drug treatment dose is increased, and side effects increase. In the winter season, Xie Chuncheng has made the following suggestions against patients with myocardial spasm. The first should pay attention to facial coldness. If you don’t have to wash your face; the second should choose a suitable exercise project, such as walking, doing, playing Tai Chi, dancing, etc. Body resistance; third should pay attention to diet, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, coarse grains, beans, avoid food spicy, coffee, strong tea and other foods; fourth to learn to maintain emotional stability, ensure adequate sleep, When people are too tension, irritability, anxiety, extremely easy to stimulate facial nerves.