When I entered the autumn and winter season, the weather was getting dull, although the humidifier was opened, many people sleep at night or wake up because of their throat. When you go to the supermarket, fresh pears are listed. Many mothers say not to buy some pear, cook some rock sugar soup to your child, saying that there is a moisturizing lungs and cough. There are also many programs in the TV. In the autumn and winter, the benefits of eating pear, such as moistening the lungs and cough, phlegm and so on, and also recommend that we eat a pear every morning and evening. Is it so good to eat pear? Do you want to buy pears? The water of the pear is largely generated by the lungs and cough, 85% of the pears are water, the taste is crisp, sweet and horizontal, so the pear is a thirsty fruit of supplementation water, the effect is very good. Therefore, pear is indeed a high water content, which is indeed supplemented with moisture for our body and relieves cough due to drying. However, although in many advertisements, we often see the statement of the pear \”Runfei and Cough\”, but there is currently no formal scientific research in this area. Of course, because the moisture in the pear, eating pears is indeed beneficial to supplement moisture, can also alleviate the symptoms such as uncomfortable, cough, and other symptoms. Especially friends with pharyngitis, it is indeed a lot of scorpion after eating a pear. Drink the pear soup that is smashed with the pear, I feel the throat, nor is it because of the special ingredients in the pear, because of the result of supplementing moisture. In fact, there is also the same effect more drink. However, although the pear and pear soup have no legendary cough effect, it does not hinder us to enjoy its delicious. Pear is cold, can not be eaten? It is related to your own gastrointestinal status, and some people say that the physical condition is cold, the abdominal cold pain is not suitable for eating pear, because the pear is cold, and the life will have a stomach pain, causing diarrhea, especially the girl, must not be eaten. In fact, this kind of saying is a bit worried. Some people will feel uncomfortable after eating pears, and there may be two reasons. On the one hand, it may be because of the dietary fiber of pears. When eating pear, many people will feel some varieties of pears, and the flesh seems to have a hard residue, the taste is relatively rough, some people are indigestion, they will feel uncomfortable. But in fact, they are all dietary fibers. On the other hand, it may be because the temperature is low. The weather is cold, eat cold fruit, some people can’t accept the temperature of the cold, will not be uncomfortable. If you have a bad stomach, it is easy to diarrhea, and the cold pear will feel uncomfortable, even stomach pain and other discomfort, you can consider eating less or use the pear to boil the soup after eating. However, as long as you have no problems with your stomach, you have no problems. White pear, green pear, yellow pear … Which is more nutritious? The pears in the supermarket are also a variety of pears, there is a white pear, and green pears, even yellow brown, how is their nutrition? Which one is better? In fact, different colors, different shapes of pears, they are only different, although there is a difference in taste, but the overall impact is not big, I want to buy which one, I think you like to eat. There are a wide variety of pears, such as rough hosh with pear, smooth Sydney, have a lot of juicy pears, and a delicate tribut pear. Although the pear is soMany varieties, but, from the average, the pear family has its own common nutritional characteristics. Everyone knows that vitamin A is very important for maintaining normal vision. If there is a lack of vitamin A, it will be unclear when there will be dusk. This symptom is called \”night blindness\”. Carotene content in the pear is relatively rich, and carotene can be converted into vitamin A in the human body. The pears also contain rich vitamin B2, which can promote skin, nails, hair, prevent and eliminate ossy inflammation. How to eat pears healthier? The peak is not recommended to eat more people say you have to eat a pear every morning and evening, saying that it is more healthy, really need this? In fact, there is no need. First, in the fruit family, the pear does not have a very highlighted nutritional advantage, which can only be a medium-oriented level. Moreover, the pears are large, the weight is large, eat two pears, and there are 200-300 grams of small little. It is more than a pound, which is more belly, plus a lot of sugar, but it is not very good. And early, only eating pears in the evening, obviously does not comply with the recommended food diversity and appropriate principles recommended by my country Dietary Guide. 1. Change to other fruits, mix it. my country’s Dietary Guide suggests that you should pay attention to dietary diversity, and try to take at least 10 of the vegetables and fruits every week. Especially very much like to eat pear, fruit can’t only eat pear, you can mix with apples, winter dates, persimmons, grapes, etc., eat a little fruit. 2. Eating pear should be appropriate. Adults recommend eating 200-350 grams of fresh fruit. Pear, a head size of different varieties, and a single weight difference. The fruit is too much, and it is easy to have a problem of sugar, and the energy is excessive. Don’t eat too much.