Don’t see that the cells have only ten micron sizes, and there are many factors affecting aging between this \”square\”. Mitochondrial, endometric, lysosomas, etc. induceroconocarnes, a large number of histone regulatory cells and methylation of DNA, etc., will affect the aging of cells. – Professor Liu Lin Nankai University College of Life Sciences ◎ This reporter Chen Yugu is coming, human beings explore the long-lived footsteps have never stopped. However, for the natural law of reversing the old disease, human beings are still difficult to enter. However, with the continuous development of modern science, the nature of human aging is gradually discovered, and the method of delaying aging seems to be laulous. Some Pacific rock fish can live in 200 years, is one of the longest-lived vertebrates, while some Pacific rock fish can only live in 10 years old. In an article published in Science, the researchers compare the genome of 2,000 rock species living in the Pacific Waters, revealing some of the genes that make their life. Understanding of aging, from the beginning of our naked eye, the aging of the naked eye is wrinkled from the skin, and the eyes become \”flowers\”, and the \”small problem\” of the physical examination of the body will start more and more. Let us generate this series of secrets in each small cells in our body. \”Cell aging is the root cause of the body’s aging. The aging is generally starting from the minimal genotype.\” Professor Liu Lin, School of Life Sciences, Nankai University, said that don’t see that the cells have only ten micrometers, and there are many effects between this \”square\” Aging factors. Mitochondrial, endometric, lysosomas, etc. induceroconocarnes, a large number of histone regulatory cells and methylation of DNA, etc., will affect the aging of cells. Cell aging is closely related to chromosome endometers. Terminal particles are like \”protective caps at the end of the lace\” for chromosomes, which has a protective telomera, and the final telomerate length as the cells are replicated with cells. Shorten to unable to protect DNA from damage, which causes genomic DNA to continuously mutate or lose, thereby accelerating human aging, and causing numerous diseases, and therefore telomerates are called \”Life Molecular Clock\”. Participate in the major cytoplane mitochondria between cellular metabolism, and is also an important orpatter that regulates cell aging. \”The mitochondria will generate very important molecules in the process of energy metabolism, participate in the normal activity of the genetic regulation, transcription, etc. Oxides, if the antioxidant reductase in our body does not remove these oxides in time, they will \”six pro do not recognize\”, and the oxidation includes many structures in the mitochondrial itself, and they will enter the nucleus and affect the genome DNA. If DNA and tonarium are easily oxidized, it is damaged, which is also a theory that is currently recognized about the aging of aging. At the same time, the shortened telomere will also affect the mitochondria. Liu Lin explained that the telomeling is shortened, and some molecules will be activated when it is functioning, affecting the function of mitochondrial.The function of mitochondria is lowered by molecular regulation. \”The better the function of the mitochondria, the less the oxide, the more stable, the longer life, the opposite.\” Plane particles have an oxidized cell membrane and an inner membrane system, so the internal weighing network in the orbar can also be cellular Degenerative changes in aging. A class of important regulatory substances for helping mitochondrial and endoplasmic networks are calcium ions. The mitochondria and the endoplasmic web have a pore connection, usually the calcium ions outer extracellular calcium ions need to be transported to the cytoplasm in the cell membrane, and then flow into the cellular surface. The end-weeled network contains specific ion regulatory channels, and is closely close to the mitochondria, so when the internal quality net is discharged to the cell metabolism, there will be partially ran into the mitochondrial function. If the internal quality mesh or mitochondria has a defect, it will cause excessive calcium ions to be released into the cytoplasm, leading to cell death. Conversely, calcium excessive loss causes calcium deficiency, and will affect the normal operation of cells. Abnormal calcium release and calcium deficiency can lead to aging of cells. Liu Lin said that only the calcium ion level is maintained, the calcium oscillation of the cells can be maintained in the cytoplasma, and the cytoplasm can be effectively stored in the ortender. When working, it can guarantee the normal operation of the cells. This regulation can effectively delay the cell aging. . Various paths looking for decipher aging password Humans have been trying to find a password to decide aging from each path. Recently, scientists have made new progress in the field of aging research. For example, Liu Guanghui team, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, found the molecular switch of \”maintaining cellular\”, which can slow down the rhythm of the cells by resetting the apparent genetic clock of aging. \”Liu Guanghui team found the new human promoting aging gene KAT7 is a genetically established gene. When this switch is opened, people’s cells will aging, and when this switch is closed, human cell aging speed will slow down, even In a certain extent, the cellular aging is reversed. \”Liu Lin explained that there were some genes that regulate aging in the biology, which has become a consensus of modern medicine. For example, the main function of some genes is to monitor cellular states, and initiate cell aging or death, thereby preventing cell carcinoma. The expression control disorders of such genes can cause acceleration of physical decline. In addition, in the process of aging, seal some repeat sequences in our genome, even the endogenous viral components are activated. They will excite cellular natural immune responses, causing chronic inflammation of tissue or even body, leading to aging. Studies on DNA damage repair have not stopped. \”DNA damage can lead to cell aging. The young cell has a strong DNA repair mechanism, whether the base is a whole piece, can be repaired very well.\” Liu Lin introduced, but once the damage is too much, such as suffering Chemotherapy drugs, irradiation damage, cells cannot be repaired. After DNA damage, some DNA fragments will run from the nucleus to cytoplasm, causing a series of immune inflammatory responses. \”Even if you know how DNA base mutation is repaired, how to use it for anti-cellAging and understanding of the regulatory mechanisms are still very difficult. Liu Lin believes that gene repair and genetic editing have some ways in in vitro experiments, but it is necessary to use it in in vivo cells, safety and effectiveness require a lot of research. In addition, through apparent genetic inhibition of transposons, Let it activate on the genome, also important anti-aging research directions. The human genome comprises tens of thousands of transposon sequences – one of the genetic units. If suppression is released, it will jump in the genome. It has been seen for a long time The transposon of part of the garbage DNA is now proven to affect gene expression, including gene expression of cell aging, while damaged DNA fragments will also be free to cytoplasm, which causes immune inflammatory response, which has a great effect on cell aging. The regulation of cytopolizers is also the current new aging research direction. Liu Lin introduced that the cells will produce many garbage in the cells. Cells do not remove these garbage, resulting in aging or death of cells. To ensure The cells are young, and they should be removed in time, do not allow damage to the orburiter and genome. The lysosomes in the cell can be self-sterilized by the cellular hyphalocymium, and the garbage is wrapped by the film system, and then digested or Outside the cells. \”Applied this principle, some small molecular candidate drugs are in the market development stage, which can remove the garbage produced by cell aging, which is delayed in aging, and tumor treatment may have certain help. \”Liu Lin introduced. The new study confirmed that inflammation and human aging were published in the study of\” science \”. The researchers collected organizational samples from 88 rock species, and sequencing their genome using sequencing techniques. The team found that the longer life of the life has more immune regulatory genes, particularly a group called sophilipide protein. Researchers also find more common DNA variations in a longer fish. To reveal which factors are related to human aging. Final researchers found 137 genetic variations related to longevity, and eliminated some genetically variations that were directly affected by life, and other variations related to longevity were mainly involved in three types of genes. : Repairing the number of genes of DNA; modulates the variation of the multiple genes of insulin; the enrichment of the gene of the immune system is adjusted. \”This study confirmed again that inflammation is the root of all. The immune system is involved in regulating inflammation, and the increase in inflammation is related to human aging. \”Liu Lin interprets that in the beginning of the tumor, the aging is also from inflammation, the main cause of inflammation may be problematic. There may be problems in the function of mitochondrial, may be no cleaning in the orbital garbage, or the internal, exogenous virus caused, The terminal particles are shortened, and the damaged telometers can also induce inflammatory response. The results of this study are consistent with the research direction of aging before aging, such as DNA repair, adjustment immunity, etc. Through this study, some genes can be used as age Treatment targets of related injuries. Just said that the researchers of this study said: \”We have the opportunity to observe nature, see if natural adaptation isWhat is affected, then think about how the same gene is played in our own body.\”