“Doctor, placenta, we can take it home, the old man said that you can eat, nutritious.\” I believe that the obstetrician often encounters maternity women to ask this question. Lift \”eat placenta\”, I want everyone to be unfamiliar. In the traditional concept of many parts of China, they often use stews, boiled porridge, fried or made into meatballs. Many newbie mothers have eaten mother-in-law or mother to force the \”placenta\” during the moon. meal\”. So what is the placenta? Can \”eat placenta, can really make a big supplement? Below, the obstetrician will tell you the truth. The placenta is an organ attached to the uterus wall during pregnancy and is connected to the baby through the umbilical cord. It passes the oxygen and nutrient substance to the baby from the mother’s blood supply. Wastes produced by babies, such as carbon dioxide, will return to the placenta along the umbilical cord. After the baby is born, the maternal uterine shrinkage will introduce the placenta and take out the doctor when caesarean section. Is it a rumet or true? People who insist on eating placenta to find some reason that the placenta contains a variety of natural hormones and active ingredients, can prolate, prevent postpartum depression, and improve the skin state of menopausal women; in addition, there are many trace elements in the placenta, such as Iron, magnesium, zinc, etc., can be bleeding, enhance human resistance. Are those benefits of eating placenta true? In fact, you have learned that most hormones are proteins, while a variety of hormones in the placenta have been cooked and digested at high temperatures. After metabolism, it is basically broken down, and there is nothing to mention bioactive. In addition, the so-called nutrients in the placenta, such as iron elements with bloody effects, pork beef mutton, or even richer, put health and guaranteed food does not eat, choose placenta, why bother? Not only that, scientific confirmation, edible placents not only can’t play health effects, but opposite, blindly eat potential risks. Special reminder, placenta-containing viruses, which can carry a variety of harmful microorganisms, including Listeria, hepatitis virus, syphilic spiral, HIV, herpes virus, Lym disease. These viruses are not extinct in 100 degrees Celsius boiling water, making pills, more likely to leave \”live ports\” to pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, the placenta is just a piece of meat that fell down. Don’t expect it to have a magical nourishing effect. Everyone should be objectively, scientifically face.