Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer who threatens the health of the elderly. Do you know, 80% of the cases in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are due to the formation of thrombosis in the blood vessel. Thrombosis is also known as \”undercover killer\” \”hidden killer\”. According to relevant information statistics, deaths caused by thrombotic diseases, accounting for 51% of the world’s total death, far exceeding the death of tumors. For example, coronary artery thrombosis can trigger myocardial infarction, and cerebral arterial thrombosis may induce stroke (stroke), and lower extremity artery thrombosis has a risk of gangrene, and renal artery thrombus may cause uremia, and the perikin arterial thrombus increases blindness. The risk, deep venous thrombosis of the lower limbs, induced pulmonary embolism (can die). Anti-thrombosis is a large topic in medicine. There are many medical methods to prevent thrombosis, and tomatoes in daily diet help prevent thrombosis, this important knowledge point, I hope everyone can know, one Cherry tomato juice can reduce blood viscosity by 70% (there is an anti-thrombosis formation), and this effect of this lowered viscosity can be maintained for 18 hours; there is also a study found that the yellow-green gum around tomato seeds, there are The action of anti-thrombus formation, the gelatinous substances in each four tomatoes, can reduce platelet activity by 72%. Recommended to everyone two simple and easy-to-operate tomatoes antiplatery recipes, usually do, protect yourself and family’s cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health: Practice 1: Tomato Juice Ripe Cherry Tomatoes 2 + olive oil 1 spoon + Honey + Little Water → stir into juice (two people). Note: Olive oil also helps antithrombus, strong combined effects. Practice 2: Cherry tomatoes, onion fried egg tomatoes, onion cut small pieces, take a little fuel, a little fried. Hot pots are frying and fried eggs, and the fried tomatoes, onions, add tones, and cockes. Note: Onions also help antiplatelet aggregation and anti-blood suppression, tomatoes + onions, strong combination, and better results.