Weight increase? Teach you eight tricks to make a simple \”light break\” Lantern Festival over, the Winter Olympics also finished reading, let’s see who is fat? At first glance, many people inevitably exclaimed, but, now, remedy is still coming. How to take care of food and body? It is more easily adhered to a more practical use of reckless diet. Here, I will prepare eight \”light break\” tricks. The first trick: main attack three meals, control snacks If you have already eaten, there is no need to eat a lot of snacks. Three meals staple food + meat + vegetables have a combination of vegetables to eat normal, and will not get fat, eat more snacks is greater trouble. Many of the snacks with sugar, oil, starch as the main raw material, small size, high heat density, and low nutritional value, long upper body is soft fat. The second trick: Slowness before meal, slow eating, research shows that eat a small amount of food half an hour in front of meals, such as a fruit, half a cup of yogurt, 1 cupry milk or milk, etc., can effectively reduce the appetite at the meal, avoid the excess of diet . If you are a person who can’t control chopsticks, you can take this method. Chewing slow swallowe can experience the delicious food of food, avoiding excessive diet. Third strokes: more bone thorn, increase vegetables as much as possible to eat more \”work\” food. For example, you need a duck head, you need to pick up the fish tail, you need to go to the shrimp crab, get more to eat slowly in the plate. Eat more vegetables, eat less \”hard meals\”, it is not easy to eat too much. The fourth stroke: the stained food is light, and the heat of the fried food is a large part of the frying food and oil crisis. Bombing rice cake, rice cake, leeks, spring rolls, and oil cake, biscuits, fire, all kinds of crispies, etc., both starch and a lot of grease, is a classic high-calorie food. These foods should not exceed one in a good day, and they should also choose the minimum. Fried and greasy dishes are also less. In this way, the heat of the meals is not bursting. The fifth stroke: avoid drinking, change into light tea except for the heat of the meal, there is a large part of the heat from the drink and soup drinking while dining. Many people think that as long as they drink less, the heat of the sweet drink is also considerable. A paper cup of 200 ml sweet drinks or pure juice contains about 80-100 kcalts of calories. Those milky white \”milk soup\” and soup with oils on the surface, the amount of fat containing the fat. If you change them into pale tea, chrysanthemum tea, barley tea, no sugar gap lemonade, etc., these heats are exhausted. The sixth stroke: breakfast light, drink porridge, eat, lunch, and dinner If the meal is too rich, you can’t eat, then you can make your mind on breakfast. Drink some millet porridge, oatmeal, eat some vegetables, reduce the intake of fat and protein food, so that gastrointestinal and liver gallbladder give a breath. The seventh stroke: Do more housework, increasing the point of increasing the number of steps is to eat the balance. Since you eat more, you have to increase your physical activity and consume more heat. Even if you can’t keep going to the gym, you can walk, run, do exercises, you can also do housework, throw garbage, pick express, orTake the child to play at the door, clean your health, clean up the house … Just do it can increase heat consumption. Eight tricks: moderate break, rest in time If you really eat more, you can pick more relaxed and free, do a light break, just eat one quarter of the other days. For example, three meals only drink thin porridge plus less oil cooking vegetables. As long as you take a break, you can feel more comfortable because you have a lot of fatigue. The above eight tricks, there is always a few moves to suit you. Many of the occurrence of gastroenteritis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, and many of the diet, if you can really have a sense of healthy diet, follow the above advice, these things will not happen. For many healthy young people in daily diet, there is no need to worry about the eating during the Chinese New Year. For example, even if you eat two sweets, eat a few frying big dishes, but only for a few days during the holiday season, you won’t get fat a few pounds. Other time healthy diet, stick to exercise is enough. Wen / Fan Zhihong (the Chinese Nutrition Association, chief expert in China’s Coordination Science Communication]? Teach you \”+ tea + medium medicine\” to nurse! Interview experts: Tao Rui, attending physician at the Emergency General Hospital, is connected to the various dinners of New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival and other festivals, after enjoying all kinds of delicious dishes that are not easy to come out, you Whether there is more or less abdominal distension, anti-acid, gastric, stomach pain, do not think about digestion, etc. \”Su Wen · 论\”: \”Diet is self-contained, gastrointestinal injury.\” Chinese medicine theory believes: the stomach is due to the stomach, the spleen is maintained, the stomach gas reduction, the temper rises, if the diet, or too Food and greasy, the spleen and stomach is not yet, then the food is stopped, and the coke gas is blocked, so I see the fullness of the abdomen, swallow the acid, do not want to eat, and it is painful. In order to let you enter the best working condition as soon as the holiday is entered as soon as possible, the emergency general hospital (formerly coal general hospital) Chinese medicine department is recommended to recommend several good ways to nourish the stomach.揉 内 关: Neighten points are located inside the wrist, and the wrist cross is about three horizontal fingers (the width of the three fingers), and the width of the two bibs is joined between the two ribs. Press the thumb and pose for 36 times, with both hands alternate. 2. Sanliu: Zusanli points at the three inches under the outside knees (the width of four fingers), the outer side of the tibia is about 1 side finger. Three-handed points 36 times in the end of the thumb. 3. Massage belly: two hands cross, blew the belly in the navel, clockwise 36 turns. Make a healthy generation tea and drink 1. Malt hawthorn is consisting of rhyme 15g, hawthorn 15g, tangerine peel 9g. How to take: boiling or brewing the water and drink. Efficacy: Your gas and diet, and stomach. 2. Radish honey tea composition: white radish 120g, green tea 5g, honey 20g taking method: white radish smashed juice, green tea boiled water 5 minutes after juice, mix hard, add honey, heating. Efficacy: extraction and stomach, clear heat transferStagnation. Eat some Chinese medicine 1. Safety and Pills composition: Hawthorn, half-summer, 苓, demon, tangerine, forsythia, and Lai Zizi. Indications: food in the accumulation, full of abdominal, and swallowing acheide, do not want to eat. Foldy: This party comes from the \”Denxi Xinfa\” in the Yuan Dynasty. Fangzhong hawth is good for meat and growing greasy, for the medicine. All drugs are in combination, make the food, inert heat, dried machine, spleen and stomach, because of its pharmacokine and slow stability, tall, \”Guarantee\” pill. 2. Yue Yue Pills Compose: Xiangfu, Chuanxiong, Atractylodes, Divine Comedy, Scorpion. Indications: chest tightness, bloating, qi, cough and other symptoms. Foldy: This party comes from the \”Danxi Medical Law\”. The cubic is integrated with six semilizers such as \”six margin\” certificates, innocent, blood, wet, fire, sputum, and food. Yu, is not smooth or uncomfortable. Fang Zhongxiang attached to the liver and depression, with the temper, for the medicine. Chuanxiong is so sweet, the blood circulation is stasis, to treat blood, serve. The gardenia is clear and hot, with the fire; atractylodes are dry and spleen, to treat wet depression; the soul branch is bored to treat food. Three drugs are a total of adjuvant. Although he is six, it is caused by gas, the treatment is mainly based on the gas and depth, so that the traffic is bloody, the fire is hot, and the heat is harma, and the food is removed. If the symptoms of the above method are still not alleviated, it is recommended that you go to the hospital for further diagnosis and treatment.