Jeans can be said to be a god-like existence, there are always endless patterns, there are denim flares, denim wide-legged pants, denim back pants and many other kinds, in the face of such a pattern of jeans, how in the end to choose? How to choose the right jeans for you? As a versatile item, jeans also need to consider your body type to choose, today I will teach you, how to pick jeans according to your body type?

1 Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans mainly present a slim, three-dimensional effect, it will fit your legs tightly, highlighting your slim, straight leg curves! So these jeans have high requirements for leg shape and body proportion, choose from the actual. It will give people a kind of neck below are legs, how to wear are chic, if reveal a small waist will be more sexy.

Suitable for: straight legs, leg shape proportional.
Not suitable for: O-leg, X-leg, calf thick
For example, this high waist hole skinny jeans, Tmall Mall price 68 yuan free shipping. Is a slim-fitting version of pencil pants, pants using high-quality denim fabric, full of elasticity, wear the body is particularly soft and comfortable, the pants high waist design, more slim and thin Oh.

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2 straight jeans

Straight jeans, the trouser leg basically shows the effect of equal width up and down, slightly loose pants, can help us modify the calf thick, leg curve curved defects, is a great pants.

Suitable for: thick calves, legs curved not straight
Not suitable for: thick thighs
For example, this embroidered high-waisted nine-point jeans, Taobao price 169 yuan free shipping. This is a very trendy and model jeans, pants straight version, is completely the master of covering meat, more visible leg lines slim and straight. Pants leg at the exquisite embroidery, fashion more beautiful.

3 Micro Lah jeans

The most popular style in the last two years is the micro-lab jeans, the pants are mostly tight at the legs, and the knees are flared, which makes the legs look thin, long and straight! It also gives a hippie style.

Suitable for: thick calves, O-leg, X-leg
Not suitable for: thick thighs, large hips
For example, the high-waisted ragged burlap flare pants jeans, Taobao price 135 yuan free shipping. This is a super chic jeans, the trouser leg using the size of the asymmetric hole design, the interpretation of the street trend girl model, the trouser leg slightly lah pants, do enough to be careful, but also join the fur trim embellishment, thin and can modify the leg shape!

4 Mom jeans

Mom Jeans is actually “Mom Jeans”, with the rise of the retro trend, this kind of pants from top to bottom slightly narrower, the overall show loose model of the mom era jeans back again, more in and more not picky people!

Suitable for: thick legs
Not suitable: shorter legs
For example, high waist skinny fashion hole jeans, Tmall price 148 yuan free shipping. This is a girl full of small fresh jeans, pants high waist design, more slim and thin, to create the perfect proportion of the body. Classic washed blue series, retro and cantankerous, side hair trim, more fashionable and foreign!

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5 denim wide leg pants

The most taboo thing for girls with muscular calves is to wear jeans that are too tight, not a thick leg shape but will be ruined by the tight muscle threads of the calf. This time choose a denim wide-legged pants will effectively disguise this small flaw yo. It is recommended that even if the height is short and the calf has muscles, the girl does not have to worry too much. Choose seven points denim wide-legged pants with heeled thick shoes with a black coat loose as well as very stylish.

Suitable for: calf muscles
6 denim backpack pants

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things. The bright-colored models of high heels and denim straps together with ageing and good-looking.

Suitable for: thigh thick calf thin
We have to look at the version in the choice of jeans, the version is not suitable for themselves, everything else is free to talk. The main performance is to put on after the comfortable fit, no tight strangulation, can show the curve of the hip and leg, but also no loose phenomenon. From these we can see whether the jeans are suitable for their own body type, only jeans suitable for their own body type is worth having